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Authors: Jia Hong He, Qiang Xu, Zhong Rong Song, Hai Yan Kuang
Chapter 8: Machining
Abstract:A Platinum nanoparticles modified Au electrode has been successfully fabricated by using an in situ growth method. In this method, the...
Authors: Ju Hua Luo
Chapter 8: Machining
Abstract:Sr-ferrite powders were preparated by mechanochemical treatments using SrCO3 and Fe2O3 as raw materials. Scanning electron microscopy (SEM),...
Authors: Seyed Mehdi Naghavi, Abolfazl Darvizeh, Reza Ansari Khalkhali
Chapter 8: Machining
Abstract:This paper presents a three dimensional thermo-mechanical analysis to investigate the effect of welding technique on welding deformations in...
Authors: E. Pavithra, Ke Zhu
Chapter 8: Machining
Abstract:Hydroforming is one of the forming technique which paves the way for the easy production of light weight and high strength automotive and...
Authors: Bahman Zaker, Mohsen Loh Mousavi
Chapter 8: Machining
Abstract:Application of tailor welded blanks (TWBs) in automobile industry and aircraft manufacturing have been increased during past few years....
Authors: Pushpa Jha, Pramod Yadav
Chapter 8: Machining
Abstract:Briquettes produced from agro-residues are fairly good substitute for coal, lignite and firewood. Briquettes from saw dust have high specific...
Authors: A.M. Zare Zadeh, R. Ghandehari
Chapter 8: Machining
Abstract:Voltage flicker and harmonics are power quality problems which are imposed on power system by electrical arc furnace. To study furnaces and...
Authors: Eka Putri Lily Surayya, Nasrulloh, Haris Abdul
Chapter 8: Machining
Abstract:Indonesia is rich in natural resources, including source of biofuel such as sweet potato starch. Sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas L) has...
Authors: Jia Mao, Yu Feng Chen, Wei Hua Zhang
Chapter 8: Machining
Abstract:Parametric structural FEA (Finite Element Analysis) models of the orthogonal rib-stiffened thin walled cylindrical shells are established...
Authors: Mohammad Mahdi Doustdar, Mohammad Mojtahedpoor, Mohammad Wadizadeh
Chapter 8: Machining
Abstract:In this paper an empty cylinder which is as a simulator for a ramjet engine has been studied by a cold flow. The air flow comes into the...
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