Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, ICMAE2011

Volumes 110-116

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: M.A. Vinod Kumar

Abstract: For mass production, mainly automation is used, in which cutting parameters are set to obtain required surface roughness. The parts like IC...

Authors: Sunilkumar S. Honnungar, V. Prabhu Raja, P. R. Thyla, M. Thirumalaimuthukumaran

Abstract: — High speed machine tool is one of the basic needs in catering to a wide range of machining parameters with tight tolerance band. In high...

Authors: Kumar Swain Abinash, Ray Siddhartha, Nirmal Kumar Mandal

Abstract: — This paper presents an experimental investigation on the influence of cutting parameters of wire cut Electrical Discharge Machining...

Authors: Pushpendra S. Bharti, S. Maheshwari, C. Sharma

Abstract: — Parametric optimization of electric discharge machining (EDM) is a challenging task. Many researchers have employed different...

Authors: Dhananjay, G.S. Agrawal, R. Bhargava

Abstract: Effect of internal heat source on the onset of convection in nanofluid layer heated from below is studied. The lower boundary and upper...

Authors: Tanuja Vaidya

Abstract: The experimental study is conducted to determine the fluidization behavior and heat transfer variations across the bed in the bubbling...

Authors: Ali Kafash Hoshiar, Hamed Raeisi Fard, Mohamad Mehdi Kheirikhah, Hafez Raeisi Fard

Abstract: As our knowledge about Nano grows we can apply Nano Technology in all fields of Science and Engineering. Molecular simulation can be used to...

Authors: Nuchjira Dejang, Sukanda Jiansirisomboon

Abstract: The additive (3wt%) nano-particles of anatase-TiO2 and monoclinic-ZrO2 were prepared using ball-milling method to form...

Authors: K. Kaarmuhilan, S. Karthika, Nambi Muthukrishnan

Abstract: Aluminum silicon carbide Metal Matrix Composites (Al-MMC) are widely used in aeronautical and automobile industries due to their excellent...

Authors: G. Raja, K. Saravanan, S. Sivakumar

Abstract: The molecular vibrations of 1-Naphtol were investigated in polycrystalline sample, at room temperature, by FT- IR and FT-Raman spectroscopy....


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