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Authors: Mahmood Reza Mehran
Chapter 8: Machining
Abstract:ZnO is a semiconductor with direct band gap that because of its optical and electronically properties has very interesting for researchers....
Authors: Guo Fu Wang, Peng Deng, Fa Quan Zhang, Jin Cai Ye
Chapter 8: Machining
Abstract:The method of Transient Electromagnetic(TEM) detection is widely applied to the field of coal mine and oil exploration. But since Transient...
Authors: S. Kapoor, P. Bera
Chapter 8: Machining
Abstract:A comprehensive numerical study on the natural convection in a hydrodynamically anisotropic as well as isotropic porous enclosure is...
Authors: H. C. Jung, J. D. Hwang, K. B. Park, Y.G. Jung
Chapter 8: Machining
Abstract:In 5-Axis Machining of impellers, interference problems with tool and neighboring surfaces often take place due to the narrow and deep gap...
Authors: Tadahiro Wada, Kazuki Hiro, Nakanishi Jun
Chapter 8: Machining
Abstract:In the turning of a shaft with a step of specified corner R, it is important whether the corner radiuses of the turning insert is the same as...
Authors: Chang Liang Lai, Chuang Liu, Xian Jie Zhang
Chapter 8: Machining
Abstract:For aircraft sheet metal parts digital cutting, this paper uses IDEF0 to structure a digital system integrated with unfolding module, nesting...
Authors: Astha Kukreja, Abhishek Monga, Pradeep Khanna
Chapter 8: Machining
Abstract:In the present industrial scenario, quality control is a crucial factor for the success of an industry or an organization. Process capability...
Authors: Anne Venu Gopal, D. Chakradhar
Chapter 8: Machining
Abstract:Electrochemical machining is one of the widely used non-traditional machining processes to machine complicated shapes for electrically...
Authors: Moaz H. Ali, R. Balasubramanian, Bashir Mohamed, Basim A. Khidhir
Chapter 8: Machining
Abstract:In this review, present day, the best versatile material Titanium alloy (Ti-6Al-4V) plays the most vital role in the manufacturing of aero...
Authors: M.P Mafeed, Ali M Salman, C Prabin, M.K. Ramis, M.A. Ali Baig, S.A. Khan
Chapter 8: Machining
Abstract:The present work deals with the heat transfer analysis of pin fins of various geometries namely ─ circular, triangular and rectangular and...
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