Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, ICMAE2011

Volumes 110-116

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Majid Elyasi, Vahid Daiezadeh

Abstract: It is found that springback is also sensitive to a range of material parameters, such as plastic anisotropy, evolution of elastic...

Authors: Vahid Daiezadeh, Majid Elyasi, Meghdad Mollaei

Abstract: Large deformation is a major deformation operation in many metal-forming processes, such as forging, rolling, extrusion, stamping and...

Authors: Shibendu Shekhar Roy, Dilip Kumar Pratihar

Abstract: Crab walking is the most general and very important one for omni-directional walking of a hexapod robot. This paper presents a dynamic model...

Authors: Kirana Kumara P., Ashitava Ghosal

Abstract: Real-time simulation of deformable solids is essential for some applications such as biological organ simulations for surgical simulators....

Authors: W.A.N. W. Mohamed, M.F. Remeli, A.H.A. Hamid, R. Atan

Abstract: Polymer Electrolyte Membrane (PEM) fuel cells are clean electrical power generators for applications normally up to 100 kW power...

Authors: Razieh Jalalabadi, Norouz Mohammad Nouri

Abstract: Cavitation, usually known as a destructive phenomenon, involves turbulent unsteady two-phase flow. Having such features, cavitating flows...

Authors: Young Shik Kim, Dong Hwan Shin

Abstract: This research presents a running model for a compliant wheel-leg hybrid mobile robot. A wheel-leg consists of three legs arranged by 120...

Authors: Abhishek B. Sahasrabudhe, Ranjit R. Desai, Siddharth K. Jabade

Abstract: Freeze concentration is a process in which water is selectively separated out of binary solution in the form of ice, thereby concentrating...

Authors: Mani Sharifi, Ehsan Hashemi, Peyman Farahpour

Abstract: This paper deals with a system with elements with one element is the main element and the other elements are the spare parts of the main...

Authors: Sung Pil Jung, Hyun Seok Song, Tae Won Park, Won Sun Chung

Abstract: Thermal energy generated by the friction between the disc and pad is transferred to both components and causes thermal expansion of material...


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