Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, ICMAE2011

Volumes 110-116

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: A. Bozorgi, A. Riasi, A. Nourbakhsh

Abstract: Small hydropower stations as renewable resources of energy have noticeable potential in the world and with increasing energy demands, using...

Authors: Tharakeshwar Appala, Ashitava Ghosal

Abstract: A mobile robot traversing an uneven terrain can undergo tip over instability when one or more wheels of the mobile robot losses contact with...

Authors: Mohammad Reza Kamandar

Abstract: In recent years, ITM 399 series tractor has been manufactured in Iran Tractor Manufacturing Company (ITM), which can be suitable for small...

Authors: Hamed Rafiei, Farzad Radmehr, Masoud Rabbani

Abstract: This paper includes project selection problem. Indeed, decision maker wants to select some projects among a group of projects with...

Authors: Masood Aghakhani, Ehsan Mehrdad, Ehsan Hayati, Maziar Mahdipour Jalilian, Arash Karbasia

Abstract: Gas metal arc welding is a fusion welding process which has got wide applications in industry. In order to obtain a good quality weld, it is...

Authors: N.S. Bhangu, Rupinder Singh, G.L. Pahuja

Abstract: Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA) has a well deserved reputation for systematic and thorough evaluation of failures at the system,...

Authors: Sina Eskandari, Behrooz Arezoo, Amir Abdullah

Abstract: Thermal errors of CNC machines have significant effects on precision of a workpiece. One of the approaches to reduce these errors is...

Authors: Adrian R. D. Stamp, Ben Hanson

Abstract: Electromagnetic coils are used in a wide variety of engineering applications. The magnitude of current (and hence magnetic field strength)...

Authors: S.H. Mirtalaie, M.A. Hajabasi, F. Hejripour

Abstract: In this paper, the free vibration of moderately thick annular sector plates made of functionally graded materials is studied using the...

Authors: Kyunghan Kim, Jongsoo Kim

Abstract: Transient radiative heat transfer of turbid tissues with a focused short-pulsed laser is studied. To investigate radiation transfer...


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