Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, ICMAE2011

Volumes 110-116

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Rao T. Sadasiva, K. Satyanarayana, Y. Praneeth, Anne Venu Gopal

Abstract: Milling is the most widely applied machining process for producing flat surfaces and prismatic shapes. To minimize the process time and...

Authors: Eko Siswanto, Hiroshi Katsurayama, Yasuo Katoh

Abstract: Due to complexity of condensate-migration into a porous-bed, the analytically simplified studies using uniform-flow assumption need...

Authors: Ghodratollah Roudini, Sajad Gholami Shiri, Masoud Mohammadi Rahvard

Abstract: there are some parameters in friction stir welding (FSW) technique such as tool design, tool rotation speed and tool travel which can be...

Authors: Masood Aghakhani, Maziar Mahdipour Jalilian, Alimohammad Karam

Abstract: Gas metal arc welding is one of the most important arc welding processes used in manufacturing and repair. In this process selecting...

Authors: Mao Hsiung Chiang, Hao Ting Lin

Abstract: This study aims to develop a leveling position control of an active PWM-controlled pneumatic isolation table system. A novel concept using...

Authors: Necdet Bildik, Duygu Dönmez Demir

Abstract: This paper deals with the solutions of lateral heat loss equation by using collocation method with cubic B-splines finite elements. The...

Authors: Sadegh Moeinifar

Abstract: The high-strength low-alloy microalloyed steel was procured as a hot rolled plate with accelerated cooling. The Gleeble thermal simulated...

Authors: Min Li, Jian Hong Yang

Abstract: Selecting feature in slow-speed and heavy-load equipments has always been a difficult problem. A new feature selection method based on...

Authors: Han Yang, Xiang Hong Zhang

Abstract: In view of digitized heavy-duty mechanical driving technology of alternating current servo machine from the connection between innovative...

Authors: Assef Zare, Mahboubeh Moghaddas, Mohamad Reza Dastranj, Nemat Changizi

Abstract: Wide amplitude, DC motor's speed and their facile control cause its great application in industries. Generally the DC motors gain speed by...


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