Advances in Experimental Mechanics VII

Volumes 24-25

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Christophe Pradille, Michel Bellet, Yvan Chastel

Abstract: Strain field measurement with non intrusive techniques is needed in order to characterize the behaviour of steels at high temperatures...

Authors: Y.H. Tai, M. Zanganeh, D. Asquith, J.R. Yates

Abstract: Optical techniques for displacement measurements have become more common in recent years. The current preferred technique is digital image...

Authors: Igor Alexeenko, Jean François Vandenrijt, Marc Georges, Giancarlo Pedrini, Thizy Cédric, Wolfgang Osten, Birgit Vollheim

Abstract: We show how digital holographic interferometry in the Long Wave InfraRed spectral range (LWIR) can be used for the investigation of...

Authors: R.C. Yu, X.X. Zhang, Gonzalo Ruiz, M. Tarifa, M. Cámara

Abstract: Compared with the extensive research on properties of the fracture process zone (FPZ) under quasi-static loading conditions, much less...

Authors: Nick J. McCormick, Jerry D. Lord

Abstract: The paper describes recent use of Digital Image Correlation (DIC) for in-situ measurements of deformation and cracking of large civil...

Authors: A. Stanley, Markus Klein

Abstract: Current trends in the wind turbine industry demand that manufacturers and related research facilities increase development efficiency whilst...

Authors: Elena N. Barton, B. Zhang

Abstract: This paper is part of ongoing structural health monitoring in the National Physical Laboratory. The work is aimed at improving reliability...

Authors: Gonzalo Ruiz, X.X. Zhang, R.C. Yu, E. Poveda, R. Porras, J. del Viso

Abstract: This research deals with the sensitivity of eight types of performance-designed high-strength concrete to the loading rate. Variations in...

Authors: N.G. Tsouvalis, K.N. Anyfantis

Abstract: The present work involves a numerical modelling of the Embedded Process Zone (EPZ) by utilizing the elastoplastic Mode I and Mode II...

Authors: Markus Kaestner, Swen Blobel, Martin Obst, Karin Thielsch, Volker Ulbricht

Abstract: In this contribution the mechanical behaviour of polymeric matrix materials is analysed for both thermoplastics (Polypropylene) and...


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