Advances in Experimental Mechanics VII

Volumes 24-25

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: O.S. David-West, J. Wang, R. Cooper

Abstract: Simulation result of a structural dynamics problem is dependent on the techniques used in the finite element model and the major task in...

Authors: F. Di Liberto, E. Balzano, M. Serpico, F. Peruggi

Abstract: Stick-Slip motion is the basis for the description of a great variety of phenomena characterized by the presence of sliding friction between...

Authors: Takashi Yokoyama, Kenji Nakai

Abstract: Compressive stress-strain loops of selected polymers at strain rates up to nearly 800/s are determined in a strain range of nearly 8% on the...

Authors: Marc L.M. François, Benoit Semin, Harold Auradou

Abstract: This work concerns the shape identification of curvilinear objects, for example bent beams or wires in mechanics. The beam’s digital...

Authors: Wei Zhuo Wang, John E. Mottershead, Amol Patki, Eann A Patterson

Abstract: The achievement of high levels of confidence in finite element models involves their validation using measured responses such as static...

Authors: Atsumi Ohtsuki

Abstract: This report deals with an innovative method (Own-Weight Cantilever Method) to measure Young’s modulus of flexible thin materials. A newly...

Authors: J.H. Kim, F. Nunio, Fabrice Pierron, P. Vedrine

Abstract: Tensile tests were performed in order to identify the stiffness components of superconducting windings in the shape of rings (also called...

Authors: Jerry D. Lord, Nick J. McCormick, J.M. Urquhart, Grant M. Klimaytys, Ian J. Lingham

Abstract: The paper describes a novel method based on Digital Image Correlation (DIC) for measuring the static modulus of active PGA graphite...

Authors: M.M. Nasr Esfahani, H. Ghasemnejad, P.E. Barrington

Abstract: In this paper the effect of delamination position on the critical buckling load and buckling mode of hybrid composite beams is investigated....

Authors: G.J. Turvey

Abstract: Three Pultruded Fibre Reinforced Polymer (PFRP) 152 x 152 x 6.4mm Wide Flange (WF) beams were fabricated with a central two-plate splice...


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