Advanced Mechanical Engineering

Volumes 26-28

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yong Sheng Bai, Xi Sheng Jia, Yan Tian, Zhong Hua Cheng

Abstract: The maintenance tasks in present studies for the maintenance optimization of multi-component systems are mostly simplex, while the compound...

Authors: Hong Liu

Abstract: Workflow technology is a key technology to improve business process efficiency and productivity. It can monitor, control and coordinate the...

Authors: Yong He, Guo Fu Ding, Yi Sheng Zou, Mei Wei Jia, Ming Heng Xu

Abstract: An object-oriented modeling method was proposed to develop a simulation software package named GVDS which could be used to predict some...

Authors: Tai Hong Cheng, Dong Ji Xuan, Zhen Zhe Li, Yun De Shen

Abstract: This paper describes vibration suppression of the flexible cantilever beams using shunted electromagnetic transducer. The proposed system...

Authors: Nai Chao Chen, Ping He, Xian Ming Rui

Abstract: A novel method of improved Dijkstra algorithm and particle swarm optimization is proposed to evaluate global path planning for mobile robot....

Authors: Jing Wang, Guo Nian Lv, Fei Fei Zheng, Mei Dan Lv

Abstract: On the basis of shortage existing in traditional ERP system, this paper puts forward a novel ERP framework based on Service-Oriented...

Authors: Kai Jin Huang

Abstract: Based on the combined toughening principle, pure Al2O3/AlB12/Al composite ceramic powders have been synthesized using pulsed Nd:YAG laser...

Authors: Guo Qiang Chen, Jun Wei Zhao

Abstract: As a powerful tool for scientific research, Monte Carlo simulation has been utilized widely in mechanical engineering for a long time. The...

Authors: Lei Li, Xian Ying Feng, Zi Ping Zhang, Xing Chang Han, Ya Qing Song

Abstract: This paper presents 3D modeling and simulation for a new type of globoidal indexing cam mechanism with steel ball. The characteristic of...

Authors: Li Zhang, Ying Cheng Hu

Abstract: In this paper, the poplar LVL was reinforced with multilayer fiberglass mesh. The reinforcing effect of adding position of fiberglass mesh...


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