Applied Mechanics And Mechanical Engineering

Volumes 29-32

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ting Ting Wang, Yuan Biao Zhang, Zhi Ning Liang, Wei Huang

Abstract: To strengthen monitoring for plastic debris in the ocean, our paper compared debris distributions of 2 special Garbage Patches (The North...

Authors: Lian Fang He, Guo Qun Zhao, Hui Ping Li

Abstract: Hot stamping of quenchable boron steels is a new and complex forming technology integrating metal hot forming and quenching process. In...

Authors: Xin Wei Yang, Xiu Mei Jin, Rui Lan Tian

Abstract: White light digital image analysis in frequency domain has the characteristics of whole-field, non-contact measurement. The measuring system...

Authors: Xin Wei Yang, Hong Gao Man, Rui Lan Tian

Abstract: White light digital image analysis in frequency domain is introduced to study concrete deformation. This method has the characteristics of...

Authors: Rui Qiu Zhang, Xian Min Zhang, Zhong Chen

Abstract: In order to improve the precision of BGA solder joints inspection, the cross-section images of BGA solder joints are analyzed based on the...

Authors: Xiao Ming Jia, Xiu Ling Zhang, Yue Xing Song, Xiao Xin Chen

Abstract: The influence of some commonly used inhibitors on the tungsten carbide leaching of the cemented carbide tool was studied by energy spectrum...

Authors: Xin Li Tian, Bao Guo Zhang, Jun Fei Yang, Fang Guo

Abstract: Micro-detonation arc machining (MDAM) is a newly proposed special machining technology for engineering ceramics. To study its working...

Authors: Zhi Wen Wu, Shu Shu, Da Ren Yu, Xiang Yang Liu, Ning Fei Wang

Abstract: The wall material plays an important role for the electron current due to near wall conductivity in Hall Thrusters. A Monte Carlo method...

Authors: Bao Lian Fu, Ying Jie Chen

Abstract: The conceptions of springback anti-couple systems and equations are initially given. By the use of the weighted residual method to the...

Authors: Chao Wang, Hai Ou Zhang, Gui Lan Wang

Abstract: A two dimension value simulation was carried out for studying the electromagnetic force effect on melting pool in plasma powder deposition...


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