Applied Mechanics And Mechanical Engineering

Volumes 29-32

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xue Shu Liu

Abstract: Geometric models often contain small features that we would like to remove, including small extrusions and holes. Feature removal can be...

Authors: Li Qiang Zhang, Ye Cui Yan

Abstract: In free-form surface machining, it is essential to optimize the feedrate in order to improve the machining efficiency. This work is the...

Authors: Li Qiang Zhang, Ye Cui Yan

Abstract: This paper presents process optimization for the five-axis milling based on the mechanics model explained in Part I. The process is...

Authors: Tian Ran Ma, Xian Lei Shan, Hao Nan Liang, Zhong Chen Xiang, Rui Xue Liu, Tian Zhang

Abstract: During identifying the natural frequency of the rolling bearing rotor system, due to the complex non-linear relationship between the factors...

Authors: Chuan Jun Li, Wei Dong Shi, Xin Wang

Abstract: In order to meet the demand of designing the waste gas efflux self-sucking device simply and practicably, based on the single-phase...

Authors: Deng Jun, Fang Zhang, Guo Ping Chen

Abstract: Based on the theory of two-dimensional (2-D) orthogonal polynomials, the function of dynamic load is fit by using the primary functions...

Authors: Tao Zhang, Shan Yuan Zhang

Abstract: Using the logarithmic hoop strain,a nonlinear dynamic equation governing the axisymmetric radial motion of an axially compressed cylindrical...

Authors: Xiao Hong Rong, Chun Xia Li, Xiao Yan Zhang, Yu Mei Wang, Wen Liang Wang

Abstract: Plasma assisted deposition technology with an advanced plasma source and its application in the field of optical coating fabrication are...

Authors: Dong Lei, Ge Li, Bin Kai Shi, Jian Hua Zhao

Abstract: An improved model has been developed to predict fatigue crack initiation life using the criterion of minimizing the Gibbs free energy change...

Authors: Dong Lei, Bin Kai Shi, Ge Li, Jian Hua Zhao

Abstract: In low-cycle fatigue process, plastic strain takes place at notch root vicinity fast appears induced by high stress concentration. Plastic...


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