Applied Mechanics And Mechanical Engineering

Volumes 29-32

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Chong Yuan Hou, Han Hong Jiang, Yuan Yang, Wan Zhi Rui, Lian Wu Hu

Abstract: Strong EMI (Electro-Magnetic Interference) brings the problem of packet error and following retransmission. Especially in motion control...

Authors: Ren Ping Wang, Yong Ping Lei, Yao Wu Shi

Abstract: In order to accurately simulate the process of laser deep penetration welding, a mathematical model to describe laser deep penetration...

Authors: Z.S. Chen, Yong Min Yang, L.J. Song

Abstract: During fault diagnostics of mechanical systems, information fusion methods were widely used to improve the reliability. However, diagnostic...

Authors: Z.S. Chen, Yong Min Yang, Z.X. Ge, C. Li

Abstract: Vibration signal analysis is one of the most effective ways for condition monitoring of gearboxes. Traditional way is often to mount...

Authors: Xiao Zheng, Jing Zhou Wang, Guo Xiang Lin, Nong Wan, Don Ping He

Abstract: In view of the fact that dehulled rapeseed cake formed under cold pressing condition is a fractal structure, the relation between the...

Authors: Hong Zhi Zhao, Lin Ma, Wei Li

Abstract: The pretension of the central gear floating NGW planetary gear reducer tumbler bearing is studied. The relative displacements of the inner...

Authors: Hong Zhi Zhao, Qing Chang Tan, Shu Ting Sun, Wei Li, Zhun Quan Kou

Abstract: The experimental table of the innovative design of the machine driving plan is introduced. The experimental table mainly consists of CAD...

Authors: Jian Jun Wang, Zhi Jun Han, Chao Kang, Guo Yun Lu, Shan Yuan Zhang

Abstract: Chaotic motion of symmetric laminated composite arch with two hinge supports under transverse periodic excitation was investigated. The...

Authors: Zhi Lan, Zhen Liang Li, Ya Li

Abstract: A novel 5-DOF upper limb rehabilitation robot, which can implement single joint and multi-joint complex motions and provide activities of...

Authors: Ai Zhao Zhou, Wei Wang, Na Li

Abstract: Building is a complex and opening system, and settlement plays an important role in its safety. Settlement components of building are...


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