Applied Mechanics And Mechanical Engineering

Volumes 29-32

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yan Chun Xia, Yue Wei Bai, Ya Fei He

Abstract: It is well known that the friction force can lead to the analysis complexity of the contact constraint model. Based on Coulomb’s frictional...

Authors: Hong Ya Fu, Ping Fan Liu, Qing Chun Zhang, Guo Dong Li

Abstract: In order to overcome the system nonlinear instability and uncertainty inherent in magnetic bearing systems, two PID neural network...

Authors: Yu Lin Yang, Chun Rong Ma, Shi Jun Huang, Li Qin Jing, Hao Tian Pang

Abstract: The effects of the mechanical properties of Kevlar/PTFE fabric-reinforced polymer-based self-lubricating liners on the performance of the...

Authors: Xin Qian, Guo Chang Lin, Xing Wen Du

Abstract: This paper presents the use of a camera-based 3D motion analysis system for non-contact dynamic testing of a highly flexible spinning...

Authors: Wen Jing Liu, Li Li, Kun Ye

Abstract: LRB base isolation technology is different from the traditional continuous girder structure system, and shows good isolation performances....

Authors: Zhen Yu Zhao, Ming Jun Liu, Bai Liu

Abstract: Pocket corner in the high-speed milling (HSM) often occur under-cut, over-cut, vibration and other phenomena. This not only reduces tool...

Authors: Kun Ye, Rong Fu, Sha Qi Ma

Abstract: Structural pounding under earthquakes has been recently extensively investigated by using different models of impact force. In this paper,...

Authors: Tian Xia, Wei Wang, Xiao Ni Wang

Abstract: Mechanism of time effect on vertical ultimate bearing capacity (VUBC) of preformed concrete pile is analyzed. The effect strongly depends on...

Authors: Guo Hua Hui

Abstract: Children heart rate monitoring plays an important role among human health research field. In this paper, a synchronized intelligent sensor...

Authors: Nai Chao Chen, Ping He, Xia Yu

Abstract: Linear matrix inequalities (LMI) method is proposed to design the robust controller for the servo-hydraulic actuator with parametric...


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