Applied Mechanics And Mechanical Engineering

Volumes 29-32

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jin Jun Guo, Wei Wang

Abstract: Crack prevention of high-rise building foundation is an interesting and difficult issue to engineers. Reasons for the crack are analyzed...

Authors: Zhong Cai Zheng, Na Liu, Yan Gao, Kun Jin Zhang, Hai Ou Chen

Abstract: The three dimensional model of a 2-cylinder diesel engine block is established with the P ro/E software, and then the modal analysis of the...

Authors: Jin Tang Yang, Jian Yi Kong, Gong Fa Li, Yao Li

Abstract: This text has put forward the basic conception of visual angle, inside the track and outside the track. According to characteristic of...

Authors: Xiao Peng Yan, Nian Mei Zhang, Wei Min Liang, Yong Gang Zhao, Gui Tong Yang

Abstract: In this paper, the mechanical behaviours of open-cell and closed-cell aluminium foams against spherical-nosed projectile penetration are...

Authors: Xiao Liang, Jun Dong Zhang, Wei Li, Jian Guo Lin

Abstract: In order to conduct the cleaning of spilled oil, to protect the marine ecological balance and to prevent the damage to marine environment by...

Authors: Cheng Hui Gao, Jian Meng Huang, Lei Dai

Abstract: Sliding velocity has a direct impact on friction heat and contact situation. Frictional heating and associated temperature seriously affects...

Authors: Hai Peng Jia, Chun Dong Jiang, Bo Liu, Dong Xing Cao, Chun Bo Jiang

Abstract: This paper proposes an improved computational algorithm for structure topology optimization. It integrates the merits of Evolutionary...

Authors: Hao Wang, Xiao Mei Shi

Abstract: Magneto-rheological (MR) dampers, recently, have been widely utilized in many different areas of engineering for their high properties....

Authors: Jing Tang, En Xing Zheng

Abstract: The paper designs a temperature control system based on AT89C51 and DS18B20. The design uses the DS18B20 digital temperature sensor as the...

Authors: Yong Yang, Chang He Li, Fa Zhan Yang

Abstract: A physics-based material processing simulation is approached to research the machining distortion for high speed milling of titanium alloy...


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