Applied Mechanics And Mechanical Engineering

Volumes 29-32

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yong Yang, Yu Ling Wang, Chang He Li

Abstract: A three-dimensional finite element model of helix double-edge cutting is developed to study the ending milling process of titanium alloy...

Authors: Yong Yang, Cheng Jun Chen, Chang He Li

Abstract: Theoretical analysis and material experiment are employed to study the “single factor” material model. Based on the dislocation theory, an...

Authors: Fu You Xu, H.L. Wang, Zhe Zhang, Cai Liang Huang

Abstract: Study on wind-resistant performance of one special-shaped long-span arch bridge is carried out using a full-bridge aeroelastic model with a...

Authors: Fu You Xu, Bin Bin Li, Cai Liang Huang, Zhe Zhang

Abstract: A comprehensive study of force measurement test in wind tunnel is conducted for the streamlined deck model of Dalian Cross-sea Bridge...

Authors: Fu You Xu, X. Chen, Zhe Zhang, Cai Liang Huang

Abstract: By using FEM method, the natural frequencies of the super-long steel and CFRP cables with possible engineering parameters have been...

Authors: Zhi Ning Jia, Yu Lin Yang, Bing Li Fan, Xiao Jing Yu

Abstract: Nanoparticles have been used with polymer to make composites having remarkable properties. An attempt was made in this direction, in order...

Authors: Zhi Ning Jia, Yu Lin Yang, Bing Li Fan

Abstract: The tribological tests were conducted on several PTFE/nano-EG solid self-lubricating composites filled with different nano-particles such as...

Authors: Jin Jun Liao, Bao Ren Li

Abstract: A one-dimensional mathematic model is presented which describes pressure fluctuations behavior of liquid-filled pipes. The model is based on...

Authors: Ding Du Wen

Abstract: The control demand can not be satified by general PID algorithm because of time-change, nonlinear, uncertainty of controlled parameters in...

Authors: Tian Li, Ji Ye Zhang, Wei Hua Zhang

Abstract: Numerical Simulation of oscillating flow over a circular cylinder is calculated when the Reynolds number is 100. The space-time finite...


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