Frontiers of Green Building, Materials and Civil Engineering

Volumes 71-78

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Guo Feng Lou, Zhi Wen, Xun Xiang Liu, Xin Zhang, Kun Chan Zheng, Jie Yang

Abstract: In the paper, a 1-D unsteady mathematical model for the Gas-Solid heat transfer process of high temperature sinter has been developed, and...

Authors: Hong Qin Liu, Xu Yan, Hai Yan Duan, Xian En Wang

Abstract: After World War Ⅱ Japanese economy has undergone three periods: the rapid industrialization period, the industrial structure adjustment...

Authors: Dan Huang, Wu Zhao, Wei Ping Chen

Abstract: A new model for energy-saving in cast irons production introduced technology contribution has been developed. According to the analysis...

Authors: Han Mei Hu, Jun Lei Zhao, Ping Wen Tu

Abstract: Aiming at the smart grid self-healing characteristics, puts forward a Bayesian network fault diagnosis method. According to the protection...

Authors: Min Han, Fang Lv

Abstract: China has begun to develop Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) since 1990s. However, its development has faced financial difficulties...

Authors: Qing Chen, Jin Song Zhou, Qin Feng Mei, Zhong Yang Luo

Abstract: Experiments were performed to investigate the release behavior of potassium and sodium in the biomass high-temperature entrained-flow...

Authors: Chun Han Chien, Hsien Te Lin, Jung Hua Chou, Tzu Ching Su

Abstract: This study focuses on the efficiency of passive solar chimney in natural ventilation performance. A case study is conducted for the...

Authors: Guang Yow Huang, Hsien Te Lin, Tzu Ching Su

Abstract: A conference hall is a large meeting space that requires high-wattage lighting equipment to provide sufficient illumination. Ceiling lights...

Authors: Yu Jiong Gu, Jing Hua Huang, Li Jun Zhao, Bing Bing Wang

Abstract: Oceanic wave power has drawn wide attention in the field of oceanic energy utilization around the world due to its giant reserves and clean...

Authors: Dong Xiao Niu, Xiao Hua Song, Lan Mou, Cai Qin Ye, Fang Fang

Abstract: Effective management and control of carbon emission from thermal power generation is essential for the development of low-carbon economy. In...


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