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Authors: Bing Han
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:Hydrolyzed collagen prepared from Tilapia scale with Alcalase and Papain after decalcificated in HCl and demineralized in Ca...
Authors: Xue Han, Bing Han, Shen Kui Liu
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:Hosta undulate, Hosta plantaginea and Hosta plantaginea ‘Rosea’ were introduced to Harbin to evaluate the cold resistance compared to Hosta...
Authors: Qin Wang, Zong Xue Xu, Xia Jiang, Ji Xi Gao
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:Ferrum is one of the important nutrient sources for algae in lakes. The changes of concentration in water body have great effect on the...
Authors: Meng Sun, Yong Sheng Zhao, Jun Dong, Li Li Dong
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:Fenton and Fenton-like reactions are regarded as high efficient methods in advanced treatment of nitrobenzene wastewater but both restrained...
Authors: Ling Ling Li, Bo Yang, Peng Zhou
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:During the process of cultivation of salt-tolerant nitrifying bacteria, the increase in NaCl concentrations was carried out in two different...
Authors: Jun Ying Zhao, Xing Long Jin, Zhao Li Shen, Hua Ming Guo
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:Concentrations of selected heavy metals (Cd, Cu, Pb, Cr and Zn) were determined in vegetables (radish, tomato, gourd, celery, lettuce,...
Authors: Gun Li, Xiao Feng Pang
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:Each of us are exposed to the environmental electromagnetic fields, such as the geomagnetic field, electromagnetic field from power line, and...
Authors: Qing Huang, Xin Gao, Ming Ying Gui, Xiao Yan Cui, Wen Jie Tian
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:Bioavailability of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) has an impact on its bioremediation and environmental risk assessment....
Authors: Jing Wei Zhang, Wei Han, Jian Yu Yang, Zhan Qing Wang, Yong Juan Zhang, Yong Feng Li
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:The important premise for hydrogen production technology of fermentation generator was to separate and identify the efficient hydrogen...
Authors: Yan Zhang, Ping Ge Dian, Hui Sheng Zhuang
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:A label-free amperometric immunosenor for determination of anthracene was developed. Prussian blue was electrodeposited on the glassy carbon...
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