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Authors: Zhi Qin, Dan Qin, Dan Li
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:Bio-hydrogen production from diluted molasses by anaerobic activated sludge was investigated in a continuous stirred-tank reactor (CSTR)...
Authors: Ming Di Zhang, Yong Pang, Zhi Jun Xu
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:The nutritional value and functional properties of corn germ protein hydrolysates was investigated. The amino acid profile of hydrolysates...
Authors: Ming Di Zhang, Yong Pang, Zhi Jun Xu
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:The effect of the extent of the enzymatically modified corn germ protein isolates on foaming and emulsifying properties was investigated. The...
Authors: Jian Ren, Zhen Yu Wang
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:The total anthocyanin content (TAC) of pigment extracted from fruits of Padus racemosa and Padus virginiana was determined by pH-differential...
Authors: Long Jun Xu, Xing Min Wang, Hong Chong Chen, Cheng Lun Liu
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:Mn Forms and the effect on environment of electrolytic manganese residue (EMR) in Chongqing have been investigated through water extracting...
Authors: Hui Wang, Zhao Yong Bian, Guang Lu, Xiang Jia Wei, Xiu Juan Yu, De Zhi Sun
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:Electrochemical degradation of phenol was studied in an undivided cell with a Ti/IrO2/RuO2 anode and a...
Authors: Hui Xia Lu, Jian You Wang, Shao Feng Bu, Min Qing Zhang, Jun Bao Zhang
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:The aim of the present work was to study the effect of properties of ion exchange membrane on separation performance of electrodeionization...
Authors: Yu Zhao, Yi Xin He, Guo Xin Xue, Xiao Chun Lei, Yan Jun Tang, Yong Zhang
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:With the continuous improvement of environmental protection requirements, the discharge of secondary fiber industry including waste water,...
Authors: Guang Sheng Chen, Si Yao Guo, Feng Zhang, Song Han
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:The doping TiO2 were prepared by hydrothermal method with two different nonmetal, that is N-doped, and N, S codoped. The resulting...
Authors: Kui Mei Qian, Li Zhang, Li Ping Wang
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:This study reported the test done on coal gangue-fly ash-sludge mixture for mine wasteland reclamation in pot experiments. According to the...
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