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Authors: Zhong Feng Zhang, Xian Yan Zhou, Qing Zhi Ma
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:Black bamboo, who was considered to have biohealth function in folk, is becoming a major biomass in rooms. Therefore, the chemical components...
Authors: Dong Qin Zhou, Shu Juan Dai, De Zhou Wei, Shu Yong Yang
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:The biological adsorption law removes the heavy metal ion, many factor influences, among, in the solution the inherent alkaline metal...
Authors: Chang Hao Liu, Jia Ming Zhang, Kai Zhang
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:Industrial Ecology (IE) is a creative way to achieve sustainable development. Marine resource-based chemical industry is the chemical...
Authors: Xing Bin Sun, Ye Hong, Lin Meng, Yong Feng Sun
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:In this paper, E. coli as experimental subjects ,by changing the input voltage, bacterial concentration, turbidity and pH to study the impact...
Authors: Yue Shi, Chang Ping Chen, Xiang Wen Sun
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:Problems associated with non-sustainable use of fossil fuels have led to increased awareness and widespread research into the accessibility...
Authors: Liang Guo, Yue Shi, Peng Zhang, Lan Wu, Guo Sheng Gai, Hao Wang, Dong Lei Xiao
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:Bio-methanation system was mature and has been widely utilized in South China, while hard to apply in the north. This paper aims to learn...
Authors: Shou Hai Na, Hai Nan Wang, Hai Long Shen, Li Xue Yang
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:This paper proposed an orthogonal design L27(313) with four factors(seeds shucked off pericarp, dipped in water, GA3 treatment, 6-BA...
Authors: Shi Quan Sun, Li Jun Bi, Ping Ping Xu, Chang Bo Jiang, Wan Chun Tan, Fang Tong Wu, Xiao Bao Nie
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:Cloth media filter was applied in the treatment of the effluent of a municipal wastewater plant through pilot scale test for water reuse....
Authors: Lan Wu, Chang Peng Liu, Yue Shi, Xiang Wen Sun
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:With the development of society and economy, the issues of environment have becoming the focus of all around the world, especially in the...
Authors: Jun Zhao, Jane Yu Xia Qin
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:An experiment was conducted to study the effects of mixture of Bacillus subtilis and yeast culture market named Chusuyi(XSY) added into dairy...
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