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Authors: Xing Bin Sun, Ming Ming Jiang, Feng Ming Ma, Meng Lin
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:The effects of pulsed white light, input voltage, biological load, pH and turbidity on inactivation of Staphylococcus aureus in drinking...
Authors: Song Han, Guo Qiang Li, Si Yao Guo, Jin Bing Sun, Feng Lu Wang, Ying Wei Wang, Li Jiang, Dong Po He
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:In this paper, we researched the activity of the trichoderma viride and trichoderma koningi, and measure the enzyme activity of carboxymethyl...
Authors: Da Bin Yao, De Fu Chi, Qing Yu Wu, Xiao Can Li, Jia Yu
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:The high level phylogenetic relationships within Harmonia. axyridis Pallas (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae) was investigated based on nucleotide...
Authors: Lei Lu, Min Zhao, De Bin Li, Li Yan Zhao, Mei Hui Du, Tian Nv Wang, Tai Lun Li, Jun Bo Pan
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:The spore laccase of Bacillus amyloliquefaciens LS01 was evaluated for its ability in decolorization of different synthetic dyes. The...
Authors: Jun Bo Pan, Min Zhao, Lei Lu, Mei Hui Du, Guo Fu Li, Jun Li, Tian Nv Wang, Xiao Liang Tang
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:Bacterial strains exhibiting laccase activity were isolated from the forest soil. A strain LC02 with syringaldazine oxidation ability was...
Authors: Ming Fen Niu, Zhi Yuan Liu, Zhuo Ping Li, Dong Xu Zhou
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:An experiment of treating anaerobic fermented hogpen sewage by improved A2/O reactor was carried out to study the influence factors affect...
Authors: Xing Cai Liu, Zong Xue Xu, Guo Qiang Wang
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:Algae bloom in the Tai Lake is a major issue and affects the water supply to the surrounding cities greatly. Chlorophyll a (Chl-a) is a...
Authors: Yuan Yuan Ma, Xin Wang, Han Ze Wang, Kun Zhang, Min Hua Zhang
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:Cellulosic ethanol has become a hotspot in recent years. However, its crystal structure makes the efficiency of cellulosic degradation by...
Authors: Feng Ming Ma, Pu Li, Wen Zhu Li, Yu Dong, Yu Lei Chen
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:This work studies the effect of imput voltage, number of pulsed,juice thickness, total soluble solids and suspended pulp on the inactivation...
Authors: Di Wang, Peng Zhu, Li Jiang Hu
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:In this work, the mesoporous zeolite molecular sieve (ZMS, SBA-15) was modified by polyhedral ologomeric silsesquioxane (POSS) with sodium...
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