Environmental Biotechnology and Materials Engineering

Volumes 183-185

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMR.183-185

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Authors: Jing Yang, Ji Yong Du, Shui Bo Xie, Kun Du, Ji Na Song, Zhi Wei Lv

Abstract: Biosorption has been developed as an effective and economic method to treat wastewater containing low concentrations of metal pollutants. In...

Authors: Fang Hui Wu, Yan Jun Li, Ting Song Yang, Tian Yi Ying

Abstract: Objective: A convenient PCR was used for site-directed mutagenesis to modify structure of proteins or peptides, For function-structure...

Authors: Li Sun, Jing Ping Zhu

Abstract: The combined process which consisted of a four-stage contact baffled reactor followed by a five-stage plant filter bed was used to treat...

Authors: Jun Feng Zhu, Guang Hua Zhang, Zhuo Miao, Shan Shan Yang, Bo Zhou

Abstract: The hydrated cerium oxide (CeH) was synthesized and it was loaded on amino methylene phosphonic acid resin (APAR) to form the hybrid...

Authors: Guang Meng Ren, Xiu Min Yang, Li Na Yin, Ke Jie Luo, Yu Pan, Xian Kui Shi

Abstract: Sulfate-reducing bacteria (SRB) was concentrated cultured and used to treat wastewater containing polyacrylimade. Viscosity loss was...

Authors: Xu Yang, Wen Xin Shi, Wen Zhe Li, Lu He Wan, Xiao Ju Yan, Ji Fu Wang, Shui Li Yu

Abstract: In order to investigate the feasibility of pre-treatment of drinking water treatment plant by the constructed wetland and provide the...

Authors: Chun Ran Han, Ming Duo Yang, Xin Xu, Yong Qiang Ma

Abstract: Differences in physicochemical properties of starch isolated from red bean and mung bean, including chemical composition, amylose content,...

Authors: Lan Feng Hui, Ting Zhao, Chuan Ling Si, Zhong Liu

Abstract: It has been increasing the interest in the study of alternative pulping processes that conciliate high performance and protection to the...

Authors: Wan Xi Peng, Qiu Xue, Feng Juan Wu, Xu Zhang, Zhong Feng Zhang

Abstract: In order to evaluate its thermal aging properties, the volatile organic compounds of engineering smoked bamboo were adsorbed and determined...

Authors: Gai Mei Guo, Hui Fen Qin

Abstract: This paper studied treatment of sewage from channel discharge with biological accelerator-biofilm process, and investigated the promoting...


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