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Authors: Wei Zhou
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:Based on sustainable green packaging design, this paper will explore the applicability of design of plant stalk packaging containers and...
Authors: Hua Nan Guan, De Fu Chi, Jia Yu
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:The ultraviolet protectant (UV protectant) properties of different natural and synthetic compounds were investigated for a biopesticide based...
Authors: Nai Zhi Zhao, Shi Yan
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:Damage detection in composite materials can be divided into active and passive approaches. The active approach is usually based on various...
Authors: Xi Qin Wang, Zheng Wen Huang, Bo Yu, Jian Qiang Zhang
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:As an industrial organic solid waste, oil residue, with wide sources and low price, but could not find an effective way to use currently. In...
Authors: Yong Bo Lin, Yang Yang, Shuai Wang
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:Determined to adopt iron as anodes, and Ti-base board with coating as cathodes. To optimize the reaction conditions of phosphorus removal by...
Authors: Xiao Xue Wei, De Wen Li, Jing Hua Yu, Yuan Gang Zu
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:In the study, the gas exchange parameters and chlorophyll contents in the needles of Pinus koraiensis Sieb. et Zucc. exposed to exogenous...
Authors: De Wen Li, Xiao Xue Wei, Jing Hua Yu, Yuan Gang Zu
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:Taxus chinensis var. mairei was used as test material, exogenous nitric oxide (NO) fumigation treatment with different concentration (0,...
Authors: Xia Wang, Yong Qiang Wu
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:On the up-flow biological aerated filter to remove COD and NH3-N were studied the effect and contrast in various stages of finding...
Authors: Shu Bo Shang, Xu Qian Li
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:In this experiment, clay loam, fine sandy loam and silty loam collected from the farmland (FL), floodplain (FP) and Loess platform (LP) in...
Authors: Jin Xiang Fu, Jun Shang, Yu Hua Zhao
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:Biological aerated filter (BAF) was employed to remove iron, manganese and ammonia from groundwater. The filter was in continuous operation...
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