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Authors: Li Hua Cheng, Xue Jun Bi, Chang Qing Liu
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:Sludge reduction by electrolysis and its subsequent influence on removal rate of COD, NH3-N, PO43- and on...
Authors: Feng Xu
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:The biodegradation of mixed cultures was analyzed. The paper studied the effects of treat condition (static and shaking), concentration of...
Authors: Li Ping Xu, Xin Wang, Peng Cheng Yao
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:Study on Macroporous resin purified glutathione of corn germ , determine the best conditions for separation and purification as follows:...
Authors: Bing Ru Liu
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:Reaumuria soongorica is the main dominant and constructive species of the desert shrub vegetation in the northwestern of China. The...
Authors: Shu Juan Dai, Dong Qin Zhou, De Zhou Wei, Shu Yong Yang
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:The function mechanism of water-washing waste saccharomyces cerevisiae and cadmium in electroplating wastewater was studied by desorption by...
Authors: Yong Li Xu, Pei Feng Cheng, Guo Feng Liu, Ming Chen Lei
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:The characteristics of the mixture of recycled asphalt pavements with emulsified asphalt and cement, as the pavement material, was...
Authors: Chuan Wang Cao, Ling Ma, Shan Chun Yan, Zhi Ying Wang
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:In plants, phenyalanine ammonia-lyase (PAL) has been related to defense mechanisms against insect feeding and wounding, and its role was...
Authors: Liang Fei Dong, Yao Xu, Yong Wei, Feng’e Zhang, Bao Hua Tu
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:In this paper, we focus on the fate of nitrogen (N) and phosphorous (P) in source-separated urine. Fresh mixed urine of pH 6.7 was diluted...
Authors: Ming Fen Niu, Di Zhang, Shao Jun Wang, Mu Qiu Zhao
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:An experiment was conducted on a vegetable planting base in Damintun Town, Xinmin City, Liaoning Province to study the influence of different...
Authors: Yu Nan Gao, Jin Xiang Fu, Shui Liu
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:Six dominant microorganisms including four kinds of Pseudomonas and two kinds of Bacillus were isolated from substrate sludge for improving...
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