Advanced Research on Automation, Communication, Architectonics and Materials

Volumes 225-226

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Shao Hua Xu, Hao Pan

Abstract: It needs a mass of data to correctly reflect a good many of complex factors and the performance of cement in the process of hydrating,...

Authors: Peng Wang

Abstract: To improve the effectiveness of management measure for the information security, the parallel control approach is employed to the...

Authors: Yan Liu, Ze Gang Ye

Abstract: The current Synchro-to-Digital conversion (S/DC)with high reliability, high accuracy and widely used in the military field, but it has high...

Authors: Li Xin Wu, Guo Zhu Cheng

Abstract: Icy and snowy pavement create obvious adverse impacts on road safety so that speed management is necessary for safety. According to the...

Authors: Chu Chi Ting, Sie Ping Chang

Abstract: Highly c-axis-oriented ZnO nanorods thin films were obtained on silica glass substrates by a simple solution-growth technique. The most...

Authors: Gao Rong Zeng, Jian Ming Liu, Ai Wen Jiang

Abstract: A mutual information function was defined as a criterion measuring the robustness of watermarking algorithm. Considering QIM scheme, error...

Authors: Chen Zhang, Chang Yong Xu

Abstract: A de-noising method is proposed for 3DM-GX1 accelerometer signal based on kalman filter and average filter. This method can reduce the...

Authors: Dong Liang Wang, Zhi Gang Wang

Abstract: To improve detection accuracy, Utilizing HMM (Hidden Markov model) and BW to building model, the detection accuracy improves greatly. First,...

Authors: Yu Ping Hu, Jun Zhang, Hua Yin, Yi Chun Liu, Ying Hong Liang

Abstract: This paper studied the image tamper detection and recovery watermarking scheme based on the discrete wavelet transformation(DWT) and the...

Authors: Xiang Jun Yang, Yi Long Zhao, Yu Chuang Chen, Xin Chao Zhao

Abstract: Combined with a variety of ideas a Multi-swarm cooperative Perturbed Particle Swarm Optimization algorithm (MpPSO) is presented to improve...


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