Advanced Research on Automation, Communication, Architectonics and Materials

Volumes 225-226

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Fang Yi Xia

Abstract: Rapid development of communication technologies has brought revolutionary changes to language teaching and learning. The use of computer...

Authors: Jing Long, Yan Xi Li

Abstract: This paper measured level of corporate over-investment with DEA method. In this paper, the empirical research tested the excessive levels of...

Authors: Xue Mei Li, Jing Yin, Qian Che

Abstract: Transport Terminals are core facilities of urban transportation system, and the joint of different transportation in urban transportation...

Authors: Ming Ding, Sheng Lian Lu, Lei Li, Dan Feng Huang

Abstract: In order to design a management information system to satisfy the demand for the seedling production in China, this article takes the...

Authors: Rui Zhe Yang, Li Zhang, Peng Bo Si, Zhi Kun Song, Yan Hua Zhang

Abstract: For the classic three-node multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) relay channel, a capacity enhanced transmission is proposed, using simple...

Authors: Qun Wu

Abstract: Cluster supply chain network as a new organizational system, which co-opetition is different from general enterprises and single supply...

Authors: Jian Bin Xie, Tong Liu, Hui Wang, Pei Qin Li

Abstract: In order to make optical flow methods suitable for real-time applications, this paper presents a rapid optical flow computation method based...

Authors: Xiang Zheng Xu, Feng Quan Zhang

Abstract: Thanks to multi-stage full-wave or bridge rectifier energy conversion method is commonly used in electric locomotive, the resulting...

Authors: Archana Gudala, Long Zhuang Li, Dulal Kar, Ahmed M. Mahdy, Ming Xiao

Abstract: The capability of matching the schemas of the databases has led to its wide use in e-commerce, data integration, and data warehousing. In...

Authors: Jie Tang, Yao Ji

Abstract: This paper partitioned five major coal mining areas respectively in central, southern and eastern Jilin Province for case study based on...


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