Advanced Research on Automation, Communication, Architectonics and Materials

Volumes 225-226

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Peng Zhang, Hui Li Wang

Abstract: A new expected utility (EU) portfolio selection model without short sales is proposed. In the model, the expected utility function is...

Authors: Hsin Chia Yang, Mu Chun Wang

Abstract: Low Voltage supplied radio-frequency (RF) CMOS devices by TSMC 0.18 micron process are used for the RF circuit designs of low noise...

Authors: Xin Zhao, Xiao Ling Yang

Abstract: Gray iron was hot-compressed on a Gleeble 3500 machine. The effect of hot compression on mechanical properties of gray iron was studied. The...

Authors: Xiao Yong Mei, Ai Jun Jiang, Shi Xian Li, Chang Qin Huang, Xiao Lin Zheng, Yi Yan Fan

Abstract: Web Services Composition (WSC)-based applications are widely using in the heterogeneous environment, which has inevitably led to the...

Authors: Xiao Hong Hu, Hong Tu

Abstract: A novel median filter based manifold ranking approach for robust image annotation was presented in this paper. Firstly, we propose a...

Authors: Bao Min Yu

Abstract: Wavelet analysis has been a powerful tool for exploring and solving many complicated problems in natural science and engineering...

Authors: Yan Ying Guo, Yan Ying Guo

Abstract: In this paper, a novel morphological edge detection using adaptive weighted morphological operators is presented. The newly introduced...

Authors: Quan Shan, Yan Chen

Abstract: Point to product module identification, a new optimization method is proposed in this paper. This approach uses the harmony search (HS)...

Authors: Lian Li, Ai Hong Zhu, Tao Su

Abstract: Text similarity calculation is a key technology in the fields of text clustering, Web intelligent retrieval and natural language processing...

Authors: Cheng Sheng Tu, Gang Fang

Abstract: Due to these reasons that present frequent neighboring class set mining algorithms are unsuitable for extracting any length frequent...


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