Advanced Research on Automation, Communication, Architectonics and Materials

Volumes 225-226

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Lin Xu, Qin Zhang, Dan Dong Wang, Jian Zhang

Abstract: Chinese segmentation system is a difficulty in computer Chinese information handling. A deep discussion on methods of MMSeg and double array...

Authors: Xuan Chao Liu, Xiao Li Feng, Pei Pei Li

Abstract: With the change of the human life style, heart disease has become one of the main diseases threatening human life and health. Promptly,...

Authors: Ming Te Wu

Abstract: This work proposes an efficient motion estimation algorithm for video coding. The proposed method calculates the partial distortion by...

Authors: Wen Ying Zeng, Yue Long Zhao

Abstract: In mobile transaction process, there exists frequently data transferring and replication. By the bandwidth limitation, discontinuous...

Authors: Ai Fang Liu, Shu Rong Guo

Abstract: Industrial construction project site selection, which shall focus on analyzing economical factor of much difference from various plans with...

Authors: Yao Zhang Sai, Ru Jian Ma

Abstract: Community property management in metering and charging of resource and energy consumption, such as water, electricity and gas charging are a...

Authors: Shi Qing Wang

Abstract: Trace inequalities naturally arise in control theory and in communication systems with multiple input and multiple output. One application...

Authors: Qing Min Meng, Xiong Gu, Feng Tian, Bao Yu Zheng

Abstract: Cognitive radio is seen as an intelligent wireless communication system that can learn and adapt the surrounding environment. Cognitive...

Authors: Bing Shao, En Tao Yuan, Zhong Hai Yu

Abstract: Lie groups and Lie algebras are used to research the dynamics and computed torque law control of free flying space robot systems. First the...

Authors: En Tao Yuan, Bing Shao, Qui Xian Fei

Abstract: For the Z-constant contour machining, a slicing contour generation procedure for subdivision surface is presented. Subdivision surface...


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