Advanced Research on Automation, Communication, Architectonics and Materials

Volumes 225-226

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jian Ye Guo, Liang Zhao, Jia Shun Shi

Abstract: This paper took a 3-TPT Parallel Robot as the object to study its singularity within the workspace. Firstly the kinematics equation of...

Authors: Wen Bo Liu, De Yu Xu

Abstract: This paper studied some kinds of realization modes of speed chain compute, load distribution and operation aimed at the realization of paper...

Authors: Di Gao, Guang Xi Zhu, Yong Hui Chen, Wei Min Wu

Abstract: Coexistence of different wireless communiation system is a worldwide phenomenon at present. Thus how to mitigate the spurious emission...

Authors: Hai Ping Wang

Abstract: Online consumers experience a three-stage transaction process and every stage has its different characteristics, we developed a model based...

Authors: Jian Cao, Hong Qian Chen, Ming Yi Mao

Abstract: Feature spaces optimization plays a very important role in object recognition and categorization. After analyzing of several fashionable...

Authors: Lu Yi Li, Yan Lin Zheng, Fan Lin Zheng

Abstract: Learning itself is substantially ubiquitous, while real ubiquitous learning needs can only be supported by appropriate learning...

Authors: Heng Wang, Jin Chang Hou

Abstract: E-commerce have become increasingly popular in our everyday business and personal lives. For many organizations, competitiveness in...

Authors: Zhe Ming Zhu

Abstract: A crater blasting model of rock with pre-existing defects under blasting loads is established by using finite difference method. The defects...

Authors: Bi Yong Li, Zhe Ming Zhu, Zhang Tao Zhou

Abstract: The existence of water affects the mechanical properties of cracked rock mass. Taking into account the friction generated by the crack...

Authors: Lin Xu, Qin Zhang, Jian Zhang

Abstract: P2P technology has become one of the most effective approaches to internet video broadcast for its simple deployment, good scalability and...


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