Advanced Research on Automation, Communication, Architectonics and Materials

Volumes 225-226

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Guo Jun Ma, Yi Fang, Hui Tang

Abstract: The stainless steel slag contains chromium and iron as well as significant levels of heavy metals, such as Cr(VI). Therefore, to efficiently...

Authors: Wei Chao Chen, Jun Ao, Chun Bo Ma

Abstract: In existing image hiding Spread Spectrum (SS) algorithm a reduction of scaling parameter is employed to improve imperceptibility but may...

Authors: Yu Feng Zhang, Guo Fu Sun

Abstract: As a part of virtual simulation of construction processes, this paper deals with the quantitative risk analysis for the construction phases...

Authors: Ai Wen Jiang, Gao Rong Zeng

Abstract: Video text provides important semantic information in video content analysis. However, video text with complex background has a poor...

Authors: Chun Ling Sun

Abstract: Chaotic sequence is of vast application value and is suitable for the sequence encryption. In this thesis, the essence of the chaotic time...

Authors: Guang Fu Liu, Feng Yang Tao, Xin Guang Li

Abstract: The sealed electric submersible pumps (ESP) are the main device to extract oil in the world. Many faults of ESPs can lead to fierce...

Authors: Lu Hao, Xiao Yu Zhang, Zhi Liang Shu

Abstract: Accurate assessment to disaster risk is one of the keys to reducing disaster losses. However, due to the fact that the disaster situation...

Authors: Shen Hua Yang, Hai Qing Shen, Xing Hua Wang, Wen Yu

Abstract: With appearance of variety kinds of three-dimension buoy application system, the design and production of three-dimension virtual model of...

Authors: Ai Juan Zhang, Jing Xiang Gao, Cheng Ji

Abstract: Distributed applications often require integrating security policies of collaborating parties. The integration must be able to support...

Authors: Jian Liang Peng

Abstract: Based on Flexsim simulation, we can easily come up with the best program for the production logistics system to improve production...


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