Advanced Research on Automation, Communication, Architectonics and Materials

Volumes 225-226

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Qiang Ge, Feng Bin Zheng, Xi Cheng Peng

Abstract: The Dynamic Geometry Softwares (DGS) have brought much excitement into the computer-based teaching community, become more important in...

Authors: Ke Di Zhu, Xiao Rui Zhang

Abstract: As large-scale enterprise management system of advanced industrial countries, ERP and MES encountered some difficulties and confusion in the...

Authors: Lei Zhang, Min Chang, Ming Su, Sheng Yang Niu

Abstract: This article focuses on the topics of excraction of Zanthoxylum alatum seed oil, which have the positive significance to maintain the human...

Authors: Zhen Li, Hong Yun Cai, Jun Feng Tian, Fang Zhang

Abstract: In order to develop the trustworthy software, the paper merges the software trustworthiness into software life cycle and proposes a new...

Authors: Hong Qian Chen, Jian Cao, Yi Chen

Abstract: To simulate the deformation for soft objects, proposes a local deforming method based on surface area-preservation. The cylinder mesh is...

Authors: Yin Zhu

Abstract: The traffic accidents should be dealt with as quickly as possible when the traffic accidents have happened in order to prevent the second...

Authors: Ling Ling Guo, Shao Bin Hu

Abstract: The wireless remote monitoring system developed in this paper is mainly to real-time monitor the safety information of the oilfield. Through...

Authors: Wan Qing Li, Mu Jie Chen, Wen Qing Meng, Li Hua Ma

Abstract: For the determination of the critical path in fuzzy network planning, the traditional methods can not identify the differences of fuzzy...

Authors: Xian Juan Wang, Jun Er Ma, Dong Bi Zhu

Abstract: In order to improve the low thermal efficiency of Solar Energy Fission Geyser, a VV modulation control system of circulating pump based on...

Authors: Feng Qing Qin, Zhong Li, Li Hong Zhu, Ying De You, Li Lan Cao

Abstract: Blind image super-resolution reconstruction is one of the hot and difficult problem in image processing. a framework of blind single-image...


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