Frontiers of Manufacturing Science and Measuring Technology

Volumes 230-232

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hong Li Zhang, Shao Fu Shan, Jian Hua Zhang

Abstract: Based on the generating mechanism of surface morphology by tangential ultrasonic vibration assisted grinding (TUAG), the calculating model...

Authors: Xiao Jing Zhang

Abstract: The origin and constitutes of construction waste and demolition are expounded, and the bane of construction waste and demolition to...

Authors: Dang Quan Zhang, Huai Yun Zhang, Lin Lin Guo, Kuan Peng

Abstract: Py-GC/MS technology was used to analyze the high-grade resource recovering approaches of C. camphora root wood at 350°C. The result showed...

Authors: Qi Mei Liu, Dang Quan Zhang, Wan Xi Peng, Kuan Peng

Abstract: In order to better utilize and recover the productive waste leaves from the Cinnamomum camphora, pyrolysis- GC/MS technology was used to...

Authors: Yan Ling Zeng, Dang Quan Zhang, Wan Xi Peng

Abstract: The current processing and utilization of oil-tea cake is still characterized by low economic benefit and low value added, therefore,...

Authors: Qing Li, Dang Quan Zhang, Qi Mei Liu, Kuan Peng

Abstract: The chemical components of helium volatiles from the fresh branches of Cinnamomum camphora were studied by TD-GC/MS. The analytical...

Authors: Dang Quan Zhang, Qi Mei Liu, Lin Lin Guo, Huai Yun Zhang

Abstract: The extractives of bamboo root was often used to cure some intractable diseases in the countryside of China, but the components of bamboo...

Authors: Qi Mei Liu, Dang Quan Zhang, Wan Xi Peng

Abstract: In order to separate top value-added bioactive components from waste leaves of Phoenix tree and hence decrease its pollution to water...

Authors: Wei Wang, Yu Yan Li

Abstract: Non-obstructive particle damping is a composite damping technology based on traditional particle damping and impact damping. Being Compared...

Authors: Hong Yan Hao, Qing Shan Ji

Abstract: In this paper, the test object was vertical vibration conveyor of transporting molding sand in the foundry. Using eddy current sensor and...


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