Frontiers of Manufacturing Science and Measuring Technology

Volumes 230-232

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Tian Yue Zhou

Abstract: The working mode of constant-pressure radial piston pump includes the mode of constant flow and constant pressure. The dynamic model of...

Authors: Xin Tao Xia, Jing Liu, Long Chen

Abstract: By simulation experiments, the relation between the starting friction torque of a blade bearing and the overturning moment is explored in...

Authors: Kang Chen, Cheng Yun Peng, Bao Bao Li

Abstract: Deformation of the flange in the deep drawing of box-shaped parts was studied. The forming of box-shaped parts was simulated through...

Authors: De Quan Yang, Qiao Guo, Lei La, Qi Min Cao

Abstract: The application of GIS (geographic information system) and webservice in travel information field is an inevitable trend. WebGIS is a type...

Authors: Yuan Fang Chen, Xiao Dong Peng, Kang Chen, Jian Jun Hu, Hong Bin Xu, Chao Han

Abstract: TiN coating was deposited on 3Cr2W8V alloy by PVD and then processed with electron beam surface alloying process. The microstructure,...

Authors: Heng Han, Shi Jie Wang, Xiao Ren Lv

Abstract: Using a variety of halogenated treatments (fluoridation, bromide treatment, iodide treatment and others) on the surface of nitrile rubber,...

Authors: Qi Lin Zhang, Da Lin Li, Ru Jin Ma

Abstract: For existing cable structures, vibration frequency method (VFM) seems to be the common way to determine the tensile force of the cables....

Authors: Hsin C. Fu, Hsiao T. Pao, C. L. Tseng

Abstract: This paper proposes integrated video techniques, cloud computing, and multisensor data fusion for remote services over Internet. The...

Authors: Hazian Mamat, Nurfirdaus A. Rahim, Mohd Zahrin A. Wahab, Azman Jalar

Abstract: The experiment discusses the issue of high-energy implant to the resist thickness and how the resist etched away during implantation...

Authors: Bao Feng Zhang, Xiu Zhen Tian, Xiao Ling Zhang

Abstract: In order to simplify previous camera calibration method, this paper put forward an easy camera calibration method based on plane grid points...


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