Frontiers of Manufacturing Science and Measuring Technology

Volumes 230-232

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Shu Sen Liu, Si Ze Li

Abstract: Secondhand tobacco smoke (SHS) in enclosed spaces is a major source of potentially harmful airborne particles. To quantify exposure to PM2.5...

Authors: Adrian But

Abstract: In the paper are presents the results of CNC manufacturing applications. Material what was processed was Inconel 718 who is a heat resistant...

Authors: Hsiang Chen Hsu, Li Ming Chu

Abstract: This paper deals with the description of a method for the measurement of the nanotribology properties and microscopic interfacial frictional...

Authors: Cheng Long Zhang, Ping Fa Feng, Shu You Zheng, Zhi Jun Wu, Ding Wen Yu

Abstract: K9 glass is regarded as one of the most difficult-to-machine materials due to its mechanical characteristics, which is known as an excellent...

Authors: Yue Ping Chen, Xiao Dong Nie, Yan Hui Chen, Shi Dong Li

Abstract: Complex surfaces have been widely used in engineering. However, the current general-purpose CAD systems do not provide the modeling method...

Authors: Zhen Ya Wang, He Shan Liu, Hui Hui Shi, Hua Liu

Abstract: Automobile design evaluation is the concrete application of the existing evaluation methods in the automobile design area to obtain concrete...

Authors: Min You, Cun Jun Chen, Jiang Cheng Zhang, Jing Rong Hu, Ling Wu

Abstract: The effect of five constraint conditions in cooling process on the residual stress distributed in the adhesively bonded single lap steel...

Authors: Jin Li, Qiang Sha, Li Liu, Qing Fang Zhuang

Abstract: Emotional interaction is a key aspect of furniture design. It focuses on changing the way of interaction between human and furniture, from...

Authors: Wen Jie Fan, Fang Liu, Hong Zhan Guo

Abstract: Abrasion performance is an important performance parameter of polycrystalline diamond compact. This paper focuses on the research for test...

Authors: Shu Hui Ding

Abstract: In the automobile development process, importing the modeling of design history and domain knowledge, realizing the integration of design...


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