Frontiers of Manufacturing Science and Measuring Technology

Volumes 230-232

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xin Ma

Abstract: Home electronics is short-cycle product with time-sensitive, the market demand volatility and large features and the unreliable environment...

Authors: Lu Shi

Abstract: The ecological theory is introduced into the construction of hospital information systems, focusing on the analysis of various factors in...

Authors: Lu Shi

Abstract: Higher education institution is chose as studying object to examine the incentive issue of teachers, which is of great theoretical and...

Authors: Zhi Gang Li, Hui Liu, Wu Nian Yang

Abstract: Mining spatial information sharing platform, as a new type of mining information management systems, will greatly enhance the level of the...

Authors: Chi Bing Hu, Ya Zhou Wang, De Yong Kong, Yong Ping Liu

Abstract: Based on the design theory of non-circular gears, using Pro/E drawing module, a system of elliptical gears parametric module and simulation...

Authors: Wei Liu, Sheng Li, Tao Wen, Xian Gang Qin

Abstract: User-centered design plays a significant part in product design. GOMS user behavior model analyze the interface from the aspects of both...

Authors: Man Hong Hu, Yong Li, Xiao Gu Zhu, Hao Tong

Abstract: This paper describes a hybrid process of Micro EDM and ECM to fabricate 3D microstructures. Micro electro discharge servo scanning machining...

Authors: Ning Fan, Xiang Bo Ze, Xiu Li Fu

Abstract: Groove milling is an important working procedure in plastic profiles manufacturing. Rational milling parameters have great effect on...

Authors: Zhi Yong Gao, Zeng Guang Huang

Abstract: As environmental issues have become particular prominent, the theory of green designing has been a social consensus. Green packaging is...

Authors: Feng Lin Yao, Shi Qiao Gao, Xin Jian Liang

Abstract: This paper introduces the basic working principle of capacitive micromachined gyroscope. A novel differential lengthwise capacitance comb...


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