Frontiers of Manufacturing Science and Measuring Technology

Volumes 230-232

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Qing Hua Li, Wu Sheng Tang, Yue Qian Hou

Abstract: The method of polar-center transformation was applied to the measurement of roundness error; the mathematic modeling of axial round error...

Authors: Xin Liu, Hai Qing Du, Wei Dong Wang

Abstract: The relative merits of accuracy engraving technique and rapid prototyping technique during processing are discussed. Because the product...

Authors: Chao Ge Zhang

Abstract: According to its structure and dimension, the original stamping forming process of the lipstick casing pipe was analyzed. In view of such...

Authors: Wei Dong Wang

Abstract: The importance of cam contour curve and the necessity of cam reverse engineering are discussed. The error sources during the course of cam...

Authors: Gui Yang Liu, Jun Ming Guo, Bao Sen Wang, Ying He

Abstract: Spinel LiMn2O4 were prepared by a molten salt combustion method at 600°C. The phase composition of the products was...

Authors: Heng Yang, Ge Ning Xu, Rong Rong Zuo

Abstract: In face of the problem of difficulty in traditional aging fuzzy reliability solving, a deep research is conducted on the aging fuzzy...

Authors: Pei Lu, Hai Qing Yu, Rui Li

Abstract: Spray field of the shower nozzle has the characteristics of speediness and instantaneity. The interaction among particles in droplet segment...

Authors: Chi Cheng Cheng, Lan Yuan Hsu, Yuan Liang Hsu, Po Tsang Chen

Abstract: In order to fully understand dynamic behavior of the thickness variation and conduct off-line process tuning, a dynamic simulator for the...

Authors: Wu Zhao, Gui Yu

Abstract: This paper make the rigid support Jeffcott shaft-mechanical seal system as the research object. Firstly, it establishes the equivalent...

Authors: Xin Ma

Abstract: The development of computers and the internet have made distance learning distribution easier and faster and have given rise to the virtual...


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