Frontiers of Manufacturing Science and Measuring Technology

Volumes 230-232

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ming Cong, Qiang Zhao, Tao Han, Dong Liu

Abstract: A new type of high speed vertical machining centre which adopt gantry type structure is introduced. Both static and dynamic analysis is...

Authors: Guang Yao Zhao, Peng Fu, Shu Wen Zhou, Shan Ge Tong

Abstract: After the three-dimensional solid modeling of the SG135 automobile gearbox, finite element analysis models of static, transient and harmonic...

Authors: Peng Zhang, Xing Yu Guo, Zhi Guang Guan, Shao Fu Shan

Abstract: In mechanical manufacturing, the traditional methods adopted for deburring and finishing is not only high labor intensity, but also...

Authors: Shu Wen Zhou, Si Qi Zhang, Guang Yao Zhao

Abstract: Handling behaviour of articulated vehicles combination is more complex and less predictable than that of non-articulated vehicles. It is...

Authors: Chun Xia Liu, Ping Li, Xiu Mei Guo

Abstract: This paper is to analyse rolling cone worm drive model by the way of the finite element on sub-module Pro / MECHANIC of Pro / ENGINEER...

Authors: Zhuan Yang, Ai Hua Dong

Abstract: The voltage and current signals are transient signals with singularity and mutability when single-phase-to-earth fault occurs in...

Authors: Qing Xuan Wang, Ai Hua Dong

Abstract: Making use of the advantages of the soft and hard threshold methods proposed by Donoho, this paper presents a deviation variable based on...

Authors: Hong Feng Zhang, Dang Qin Xue

Abstract: In the die casting mould design, there is some over-constrained locating which have serious influence on the manufacturing and life-span in...

Authors: Feng Sun, Jun Jie Jin, Koichi Oka

Abstract: This paper proposes a noncontact magnetic suspension of an iron ball using a flux path control mechanism. In this system, the suspension...

Authors: Xue Yi Li, San Shuai Li, Chao Chao Li

Abstract: Transient dynamic theory of the helical gear drive is investigated, and corresponding dynamics equations are derived. Based on parameterized...


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