Fundamental of Chemical Engineering

Volumes 233-235

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Dao Wu Yang, Yi Liu, Yan Yao, Hai Xia Tong

Abstract: The paper is focused on clarifying the influence of flue gas desulfurization (FGD) gypsum in replacing natural gypsum (NG) in the production...

Authors: Qi Huang, Wei Ma, Mei Han

Abstract: A kind of manganese oxide which could purify seawater arisesed at the historic moment. Lithium manganese oxide was synthesized by...

Authors: Shuo Liu, Yan Ping Liu, Bao Zhen Wang, Ji Fu Wang

Abstract: To alleviate the membrane fouling in membrane bioreactor, a kind of modified diatomite was used as anti-fouling agent to examine the effect...

Authors: Ya Long Liao, Xi Juan Chai, Jiang Tao Li, Fu Chang Xu, Dong Bo Li

Abstract: Carbonthermic method was adopted to reduce the iron in the form of fayalite in copper slag to metal iron in this study. The reduction was...

Authors: Ai Jun Wei, Hua Yi Jiang, Xin Zhang, Guang Qiang Zhao

Abstract: Add different concentrations of honey into the simulated brine, then study the corrosion of Q235 steel and the corrosion inhibition effect...

Authors: Li Chen, Fa Wang Zhang, Shuo Ren, Sheng Zhang

Abstract: According to the previous experience on remediation experiment in laboratory and field, the study on microgial ecological remediation of...

Authors: Xia Yang, Tao Zhang, Yao Ding, Jun Bo Li, Jia Guo

Abstract: The adsorption of vitamin B3 (VPP) by activated carbons and their release processes in the distilled water, simulated gastric...

Authors: Bing Tao Zhao, Yi Xin Zhang, Kai Bin Xiong

Abstract: The numerical simulation of the fluid flow is presented by CFD technique to characterize the flow pattern of cyclone spray scrubber. In this...

Authors: You Bao Wang, Nan Nan Wang, Shan Hu

Abstract: In this study, Copper (Cu) tolerance in Chlorophytum comosum was tested by pot-planting. The results showed that the tolerance index...

Authors: Sen Wang, An Long Zhang, Xin Ping Li, Zhao Rong Wang

Abstract: The lacasse was immobilized by sodium alginate for papermaking wastewater treatment. The influence of the important factors on the...


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