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Authors: Xiu Qiong Guan, Jun Li, Jian Rong Liu, Chun Liu
3 Environmental Chemical Engineering
Abstract:This paper focused on the effluent chroma which is a long-term puzzle about the aerobic treatment for pulping midcourse wastewater. The...
Authors: Jing Ling Hu, Ting Zhou, Yun Fei Zhang, Zhe Wang, Dong Mei Luo, Zhong Cao
3 Environmental Chemical Engineering
Abstract:Using four types of calixarene derivatives (RCT, PCT, MRCT, TBCA) as coating materials, quartz crystal microbalance (QCM) sensors have been...
Authors: Xu Hui Sun, Guo Hua Zhang, Lin Sun, Jun Ma
3 Environmental Chemical Engineering
Abstract:The factors that influence the performance of Bi20TiO32 were discussed, and the removal of TOC in the analogue waste...
Authors: Yan Juan Liu, Ming Zhu, Ya Wen Yang, Ai Bin Kang
3 Environmental Chemical Engineering
Abstract:Taking high concentration livestock wastewater as research object, The results showed that the constructed rapid infiltration system operated...
Authors: Wei Hua Song, Jun Yin, Jian Hui Wang
3 Environmental Chemical Engineering
Abstract:A lab-scale study was conducted to precipitate the ammonia from high NH3-N concentration wastewater in the form of magnesium...
Authors: Xiao Xia Ou, Chong Wang, Yan Su, Feng Jie Zhang, Guo Jiao Yang, Ling Yun Wang
3 Environmental Chemical Engineering
Abstract:The degradation of rhodamine B (RB) in aqueous solution by Fenton’s reagent was studied. After 30 min, the 96.2% removal of RB in water (pH =...
Authors: Hong Jie Tang, Juan Juan Guo, Bao Tian Shan, Jin Ren Lu
3 Environmental Chemical Engineering
Abstract:The graft copolymer, chitosan-g-AM-AA, was prepared through graft polymerization of acryamide and acryl acid onto chitosan by...
Authors: Ji Jun Zhang, Jun Sheng Yuan, Xia Li
3 Environmental Chemical Engineering
Abstract:Researches on precipitation of calcium from seawater have been carried out using CO2. The effect of pH value on calcium removals...
Authors: Zhao Cai Wang, Man Sheng Chu, Zhuang Nian Li, Jue Tang, Qing Jie Zhao, Xiang Xin Xue
3 Environmental Chemical Engineering
Abstract:The paigeite resources are abundant in China, but most of them are difficult to be utilized efficiently because of the current technical...
Authors: Jian Wei Liu, Yu Zhu Zhao, Wen Lin Ma
3 Environmental Chemical Engineering
Abstract:A laboratory-scale biotrickling filter was evaluated for its effectiveness in treating waste gases containing ammonia at different inlet...
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