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Authors: Xiao Fei Tian, Hong Guang Zhang, Xiao Lei Bai
4 Clean Production Technology
Abstract:Constant Volume Combustion Bomb (CVCB) is a useful experimental system in the internal combustion basic research. A new structure of CVCB was...
Authors: Ai Jun Duan, Hui Li Fan, Zhen Zhao, Gui Yuan Jiang, Jian Liu
4 Clean Production Technology
Abstract:Using CTAB as the mesostructure directing agent, a novel micro/mesoporous composite material of Beta-MCM-48 was synthesized and...
Authors: Bo Quan Jiang, Yu De Liu, Jiang Nan Zeng
4 Clean Production Technology
Abstract:An experiment was carried out to use plate–type silicone rubber membrane equipped bioreactor with bubbleless oxygen supplying for the...
Authors: Bo Quan Jiang, Jiang Nan Zeng, Yu De Liu, Wen Long Zhang
4 Clean Production Technology
Abstract:An effective emulsion liquid membrane system with P507 as carrier, Span-80 as surfactant and H2SO4 as internal aqueous...
Authors: Ying Long Li, Fu Rong Cao, Dian Kun Lu
4 Clean Production Technology
Abstract:Two cofrequency ultrasonic fields were coupled directly by ultrasonic stationary coupling system to clarify...
Authors: Zhen Biao Liu, Li Zhong Xu, Guang Chao Hou, Hong Sheng Hu
4 Clean Production Technology
Abstract:One new kind of gas distribution plate used for high concentration electrostatic precipitator (herein after briefing ESP) designed in this...
Authors: Xiao Nan Sui, Lian Zhou Jiang, Yang Li, Wen Liu
4 Clean Production Technology
Abstract:This experiment contrasted the hydrolytic effect of SPI among the six different proteolytic ferments and the Alcalase basic protein which can...
Authors: Guang Lu Han, Qi Zhang, Jing Zhong, Hui Shao, Huan Ru Zhang
4 Clean Production Technology
Abstract:Three kinds of commercial PVA composite membranes with different crosslinking degrees (PVA-1, PVA-2 and PVA-3) were used to separate...
Authors: Jun Guo Li, Hong Wei Lu, Yu Zhu Zhang
4 Clean Production Technology
Abstract:After gas quenching and granulated, the molten steel slag changed into droplets. The cooling and solidification process of the droplets have...
Authors: Deng Gao Ji, Xu Long Guo, Yang Hui Cai, Su Qin Peng, Jian Hua Lian
4 Clean Production Technology
Abstract:In order to strengthen the thin coal slime settlement, and improve the efficiency of solid-liquid separation, in this paper, as the research...
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