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Authors: Xiang Xia Liu, Yong Tang Jia, Jian Feng Di, Jia Jie Lu
4 Clean Production Technology
Abstract:This paper discussed the bleaching process with chlorine dioxide on cotton fabric. Tests of the whiteness, capillary effect, and strength...
Authors: Pei Yang Shi, Ying Zong Wang, Cheng Jun Liu, Mao Fa Jiang
4 Clean Production Technology
Abstract:430 stainless steel is used as raw material and pickling in HCl-based electrolytes is adopted, and the effect of oxidation agent on removal...
Authors: Heng Dong, Jian You Wang, Hui Xia Lu, Hong Bing Yu
4 Clean Production Technology
Abstract:Electrodeionization(EDI) is an electro-membrane process with high efficiency for deep desalinating, where water dissociation mechanism...
Authors: Hua Song, Zai Shun Jin, Qiang Lv, Ming Guan
4 Clean Production Technology
Abstract:A new type composite catalyst of V2O5 comprising Co-Mo/V2O5 was prepared by immersion method and...
Authors: Gui E Chen, Ying Zhou, Zhen Liang Xu, Qiong Lu
4 Clean Production Technology
Abstract:Cake fouling mechanism was studied for membrane bioreactor (MBR) treatment of synthetic coke wastewater. Cake fouling characteristics of the...
Authors: Gui E Chen, De Sun, Zhen Liang Xu
4 Clean Production Technology
Abstract:An efficiency of rare earth (europium, Eu) removal from aqueous solutions by polymer enhanced ultrafiltration (PEUF) process was investigated...
Authors: Wei Hong Huang, Rui Liu
5 Green Chemical Process Technology
Abstract:The prepared composite photocatalyst H3PW12O40/TiO2 was synthesized by sol-gel impregnation method and characterized by scanning electron...
Authors: Markom Masturah, Kurnia Harlina Dewi, Nursyairah Jalil, Loh Wei Jia, Siti Rozaimah Sheikh Abdullah, Idris Mushrifah
5 Green Chemical Process Technology
Abstract:Ekor Kucing (Cabomba furcata) is a dominating water plant, which is rapidly proliferating in Lake Chini, Pahang, Malaysia. If left...
Authors: Bin Wang, Chen Jiang Liu
5 Green Chemical Process Technology
Abstract:Brønsted acidic ionic liquids based on benzimidazolium cation was synthesized and employed as an efficient catalysts for the Michael addition...
Authors: Chuan Ling Men, Hong Qin Li, Hua Zhang
5 Green Chemical Process Technology
Abstract:304 stainless steel is deemed an indispensable material in the industry. In many instances, the surface of the production equipment needs to...
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