Fundamental of Chemical Engineering

Volumes 233-235

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hao Yan, Zhang Lin Li, Fei Fei Xu

Abstract: In this paper, polypyrrole films doped with phosphomolybdic acid was prepared by bulk electrolysis with coulometry in the...

Authors: Jian Min Ren

Abstract: The adsorption thermodynamic and kinetic parameters of phenanthrene onto CTMA-bentonite were studied. The result shows that adsorption...

Authors: Shi Chao Xu, Bing Cheng Hu, Qiao Li Cui, Tian Jing Hu, Xiu You Huang, Zu Liang Liu

Abstract: A variety of 3, 8-substituted cobalt (II) deuteroporphyrin dimethyl esters were synthesized and used as catalysts in the...

Authors: Wan Lin Wang, Jian Gong Shi

Abstract: The traditional AlCl3 catalyst was substituted by a new-type solid acidic catalyst AlCl3/Al for the synthetic reaction...

Authors: Xin Zhang, Mi Qi, Gui Quan Zhang, Tao Lin, Ting Gong

Abstract: MgAl2O4 was respectively prepared by hydrothermal method (MgAl2O4-HT), co-precipitation method...

Authors: Fang Xiang Tan, Li Li Meng, Fan Wang, Hai Feng Su, Yun Fei Long, Yan Xuan Wen, Ke Di Yang

Abstract: LiFePO4/C composites were synthesized by a novel carbothermal reduction method based on the low-temperature solution reaction...

Authors: Zhi Qun Dai, Zhi Yong Zhang, Wei Wei Zhang, Ben Mei Wei

Abstract: For the first time a systematic research on the catalytic activity of CuXn (X=Cl, Br, I; x=1,2) for the cross-coupling...

Authors: Mei Lin Li, Li Li Meng, Fan Wang, Hai Feng Su, Yun Fei Long, Yan Xuan Wen, Ke Di Yang

Abstract: Li3V2(PO4)3/C has been synthesized by a simple one-step carbothermal reduction technology using...

Authors: Can Cao, Hua Ye, Guo Hui Chen, Li Na He

Abstract: This study was designed to determine the heavy metal concentrations in soils and food crops and estimate the potential health risks of...

Authors: Lei Xie, Xiao Yong Tian, Wang Qing Wu, Di Chen Li, Bing Yan Jiang, Gerhard Ziegmann

Abstract: As well known, the weld line defect in injection molding process results detrimental to mechanical properties and surface quality. However,...


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