Fundamental of Chemical Engineering

Volumes 233-235

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ling Zhu, Xue Qiang Cao, Dao Wu Yang

Abstract: Highly uniform and monodisperse GdF3:Eu3+ nanopeanuts has been successfully prepared by a sonochemical method under...

Authors: Fang Xie, Hai Yang Li, Shi Mei Ge, Qian Lin

Abstract: According to the industrial operation data, modeling and flowsheeting to the full process of Sulfur-buring Sulfuric aid which contains 3...

Authors: Xian Leng, Lu Hai Li, Xu Wei Hu, Hua Fang, Shu Kun Li, Shi Gang Liu, Guang Jie Li

Abstract: In order to study the dispersion and performance of tartrazine aluminum lake, 7 kinds of water-based resins are used to form disperse...

Authors: Rong Shan Bi, Lian Xiang Ma, Xin Shun Tan, Zhen Dong Liu, Wen Wu Chen, Shi Qing Zheng

Abstract: The geometry plays an important influence on the performance of jet reactors. Based on the fast process of acid-base neutralization, the...

Authors: Jian Jun Xie, Hui Ying Zhang, Nian Zeng, De Long Ran

Abstract: Poly(acrylate-co-acrylamide)(PAAM) superabsorbent was prepared from partly- neutralized acrylic acid(AA) and acrylamide(AM) by inverse...

Authors: Yi Yong Wang, Fa Yu Wu, Hui Jin, Ji Dong Li, Zhi Ying Wang

Abstract: The effects of microwave radiation pretreatment on the leaching behavior of diaspore were investigated. The influence of sodium hydroxide...

Authors: Cheng Ping Miao, Qian Shou Zong, Zi Wei Xiang, Jian Yi Wu

Abstract: Novel esteryl-functionalized ionic liquids from isonicotinic acid as raw materials have been designed, synthesized, and characterized for...

Authors: Qing Yuan Ma, Xu Zang, Da Li Lin

Abstract: The article mainly analyses energy consumption in raw material pretreatment craft question of crude benzol hydrotreating process, with...

Authors: Xun Li, Yan Ping Yuan, Da Huo

Abstract: Increased production of biodiesel led to a surplus of glycerol. The utilization of glycerol is a crucial factor to the overall cost...

Authors: Guo Min Cui, Jin Yang Wang, Tao Jiang, Xiang Bai Hu

Abstract: This study deals with the transient response of heat exchanger which is approximated to the first-order system with delay. This function is...


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