Fundamental of Chemical Engineering

Volumes 233-235

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Shao Ping Pu, Yan Wei Cong, Wen Gui Gao, Jin Hu, Qing Kun Wang, Jia Lin Sun

Abstract: Satraplatin is a platinum coordination with antitumour activity, which is the first platinum-based antitumour drug administrated by oral...

Authors: Jian Zhang, Xuan Jun Wang, Wen Guo Wang, He Jun Guo

Abstract: A new oxygenated fuel, methyl 2-methoxy-propyl carbonate, designed according to the fuel design theory and the special burning performance...

Authors: Le Xin Wang, Xu Fang Jia

Abstract: Composite material has extensive application in aeronautics, astronautics and other fields due to the properties of high intensity, light...

Authors: Shu Yu Liu, Li Jie Sun, Xin Guo

Abstract: A simple and rapid high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) assay was developed to identify and measure the stigmasterol in jatropha...

Authors: Shu Yu Liu, Hao Lu, Li Jie Sun, Xin Guo

Abstract: Solvent extraction technique was applied for the extraction of β-Sitosterol from jatropha seed oil.The optimum conditions for the lab scale...

Authors: Sai Nan Wei, Li Chen

Abstract: This paper studied the green finishing methods on cotton fabric. It discussed the effects of wear performance with enzyme treatment and...

Authors: Hao Chen, De Si Sun, Qing Hua Hu, De Zi Zhou

Abstract: Particle-like MgO powders were first prepared using LiCl as reaction medium, MgCl2·6H2O and CaCO3 as...

Authors: Sai Nan Wei, Li Chen

Abstract: High performance fiber reinforced composites have a long history and wide usage in aerospace, sports, military, etc. In this paper...

Authors: Hao Liang, Fang Xie

Abstract: A dendritic type europium complex/silicone rubber has been prepared. According to the luminescence spectrum, the Judd-Ofelt theory was...

Authors: Hai Lin Wang, Xiao Ping He

Abstract: In this paper, a single parameter family of hybrid ellipsoid-dumbbell models is proposed for the hydrodynamic behavior of a polymer molecule...


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