Fundamental of Chemical Engineering

Volumes 233-235

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Dian Hua Liu, Qin Qin Guan, Ding Ye Fang, A Jian Tao

Abstract: The conventional process for isobornyl acetate synthesis from camphene and acetic acid is a batch process. The purpose of this paper is to...

Authors: Xue Gang Huang, Long Zhang, Zhong Min Zhao, Chun Yin

Abstract: By using combustion synthesis under high gravity, TiC-TiB2 fine-grained composite ceramics with hypoeutectic, eutectic and...

Authors: Xiao E Chen, Ya Mei Jiang, Xu Bo Fang, Jing Chen, Jian Fang Gong

Abstract: In this study, the ethyl ester of EPA and DHA was produced, using the soapstock (soap lye and solid lipid) of fish oil as the raw material...

Authors: Cai Zhao, Di Tang

Abstract: The mechanical properties of Low Carbon Si-Mn Q&P steel are strongly affected by the conditions of heat treatment. Microstructures and...

Authors: Yong Jun Zhang, Qiao Xian, Jie Min He, Meng Yao Zhao

Abstract: A chitinase was purified from the culture supernatant of Bacillus licheniformis with Auricularia auricular colloidal substance...

Authors: Sheng Xian Cao, Jia Ou, Yan Hui Zhang, Yang Liu, Jia Wei Sun

Abstract: The dynamic-static method is used for study on the formation of the biofilm on pipe surface and the relationship between the biofilm and the...

Authors: Qian Shou Zong, Yang Zhang, Cheng Ping Miao, Jian Yi Wu

Abstract: 4-aryl-3,4-dihydropyrimidin-2(1H)-ones were synthesized by using Biginelli reaction in iconic liguids. The simple method provoids the title...

Authors: Yan Nian Rui, Xiao Mei Jiang, Kai Qiang Liu

Abstract: With catalysis system, carbonylation of methanol liquid is a better method in manufacture of acetic acid. However previous control mode can...

Authors: Hui Ping Song, Huai Gang Cheng, Xin Gang Li, Fang Qin Cheng

Abstract: This study used nickel wire to trap the magnetotactic bacteria which had adsorbed Au(III), and a magnetic separation model was built to...

Authors: De Fa Meng, Gang Li, Fang Yang, Zhi Hua Liu

Abstract: A novel method of cellulose degradation is investigated in this paper. In this work, a three-electrode system, which contains a...


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