Fundamental of Chemical Engineering

Volumes 233-235

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zheng Hao Fei, Zhong Tang Liu, Jian Chen, Wei Zhong Shi, Rong Xing, Gen Cheng Zhang

Abstract: In this paper a new polymeric adsorbent ZH33 was prepared by chemical modification. The adsorption and desorption of this new adsorbent for...

Authors: Hua Feng Luo, Kai Cheng Ling, Wei Shuai Zhang

Abstract: In this paper, the role of hydrogen for quick coal liquefaction at high temperament (QCLHT) was investigated by liquefaction of Yanzhou coal...

Authors: Yue Dong, Kai Cheng Ling, Wei Shuai Zhang, Hua Feng Luo

Abstract: In this paper, the mechanism for the formation of elemental sulfur from the modified Stretford process was investigated using cyclic...

Authors: Yan Min Shen, Tian Gui Wang

Abstract: The purpose of this study is to address the problem of discharge of distiller waste from Solvay process, and at the same time, to realize...

Authors: Jun Hua Wang, Jian Feng Di, Yong Tang Jia

Abstract: Desizing-scouring-bleaching-dyeing of cotton fabrics in one-bath was discussed in this paper. The appropriate reactive dyes, refined enzyme...

Authors: Wei Xiang, Qiong Ying Quan, Jian Ding, Ke Cheng Li

Abstract: The cold-pad-batch technology is applied mainly in the pretreatment and dyeing of cellulosic fabrics and shows lots of advantages such as...

Authors: Xiao Wen Hao, Chun Yuan Ma, Qiang Zhao

Abstract: Circulating Fluidization Bed (CFB) for Flue Gas Desulfurization (FGD) is widely used. But its desulfurization efficiency is lower than Wet...

Authors: Xiao Wen Hao, Chun Yuan Ma, Hong Liang Ma

Abstract: Difficulties such as deviation of flow field, ununiformity of axial velocity and temperature often appeared in semidry FGD with circulating...

Authors: Qun Qun Huang, Jun Lin, Zheng Gui Gu

Abstract: Methods of separating mixed isomers of nitrochlorobenzene (NCB) were reviewed and analyzed in this paper, A new integrated technology...

Authors: Zai Yuan Li, Myongil Pang, Yu Chun Zhai

Abstract: The Fe90Ni6Cu4 precursor powder was prepared by chemical co-precipitation taken FeSO4·7H2O,...


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