Application of Chemical Engineering

Volumes 236-238

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yong Jun Liu

Abstract: The deactivation behavior of industrial hydrodemetallization catalysts was investigated in the presented work. The main objective of the...

Authors: Wei Dong Wu, Chang Wei Pang, Si Mei Liu, Hua Zhang

Abstract: The object of this paper is to study the effects of nanofluid on NH3/H2O bubble absorption performance under adiabatic...

Authors: Hong Kai Zhao, Li Guang Xiao, Xiao Jing Zhang

Abstract: High performance trend of plastics has become a hot spot of current research. Select bisphenol A dianhydride and bisphenol A diamine with...

Authors: Hai Lan Yang, Zhi Ye Zhang, Lin Yang, Ben He Zhong, Ling Yun Li, Xiao Xia Huang, Xin Long Wang

Abstract: In this paper, a new type lithium hexafluorophosphate (LiPF6) complex was prepared with a new method using phosphorus...

Authors: Ying Ming Xie, Dao Ping Liu, Ni Liu, Ying Xia Qi

Abstract: In order to study the influence of gas supply modes on CO2 hydrate formation characteristics, a specific water spray gas hydrate...

Authors: Ting Yao, Zhi Min Zong, Yu Gao Wang, Xiang En Han, Zhe Wen, Robert Mukasa, Fang Jing Liu, Gui Zhen Gong, Yan Bin Wei, Xian Yong Wei

Abstract: An Indonesia natural asphalt was ultrasonically extracted with acetone and carbon disulfide to afford acetone-soluble fraction...

Authors: Ting Yao, Zhi Min Zong, Yu Gao Wang, Zhe Wen, Robert Mukasa, Gui Zhen Gong, Fang Jing Liu, Xian Yong Wei

Abstract: Four natural asphalts (NAs) from Buton Rock, Indonesia, which were abbreviated as BRA-A, BRA-B, BRA-C and BAR-D, were continuously extracted...

Authors: Xiao Lin Cao, Fang Fang Wang, Si Si Yang, Shuang Jun Cao, Wei Zeng

Abstract: A distributed parameter method has been established for a ground-source heat pump in this paper, with this model, the working process of...

Authors: Hong Zhang, Wen Fa Xiao

Abstract: The characteristic groups of polymer were analyzed by the IR spectrometrer. The crystallinity of different style wax crystal and the fluid...

Authors: Ping Tang, Xiong Yang, Ying Shu Liu

Abstract: Five types of active carbon’s adsorption isotherm of nitrogen at 77K were measured, and their adsorption characteristic were analysed. The...


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