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Authors: Chang Kyu Lee, Jong Sung Kwon, In Chul Na, Byung Il Han, Young Min Kim, Jea Gun Park
Abstract:We demonstrated a nonvolatile memory fabricated with the sandwich device structure of Al/Au nano-crystals embedded in the PVK/Al. The...
Authors: Sung Soon Kim, Jun Hyun Bae, Woo Hyuck Do, Kyun Ho Lee, Young Tae Kim, Young Kwan Park, Jeong Taek Kong, Hong Lim Lee
Abstract:Thermal stress model considering the effect of phase transformation is proposed for Phase-Change Random Access Memory (PRAM). The results of...
Authors: Beom Seok Kim, Cheol Seong Hwang, Hyeong Joon Kim
Abstract:Ru thin films were grown by metalorganic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD) on TiN and TEOS oxide substrates at 300oC using...
Authors: J.W. Lee, Cheol Woong Yang
Abstract:We investigated the phase transformation and thermal stability of Ni silicides formed in Ni/Si and Ni0.95Ta0.05/Si systems. The sheet...
Authors: Byeong Hoon Cho, Won Jong Lee, Jae Ho Lee
Abstract:Electroplating of copper in via filling is very important in 3D SiP (System in Packaging). Defect free via filling can be obtained through...
Authors: Sean Wu, Zhi Xun Lin, Maw Shung Lee
Abstract:Langasite (La3Ga5SiO14 or abbreviated as LGS) single crystal is an attractive substrate for surface acoustic wave (SAW) devices requiring...
Authors: Rita John
Abstract:The band gap anomaly exhibited by ABC2 : A = Cd; B = Si,Ge,Sn; C = P,As pnictides with respect to their binary analogs GaP, Ga0.5In0.5P,...
Authors: Min Su Yi, Tae Sik Cho, Hyun Hwi Lee
Abstract:The initial GaN growth mode on stepped sapphires by plasma enhanced metal organic molecular beam epitaxy (PEMOMBE) has been analyzed using...
Authors: Chan Min Kang, Jong Sik Kim, Gwan Ha Kim, Chang Il Kim
Abstract:The etching properties of the ZnO thin films in the inductively coupled Cl2/Ar plasma (ICP) were studied in the terms of etch rate and...
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