Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, ICMAE2011

Volumes 110-116

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: T. Hikmet Karakoc, Onder Turan

Abstract: The minimization of exergy destruction brings the design as closely as permissible to the theoretical limit. This study presents exergy...

Authors: M.A. Anuar, Liyana Roslan, A.A. Mat Isa

Abstract: Since the level of vibration always depends on the natural frequencies of the system, it is important to know the modal parameters of such...

Authors: K. Torabi, H. Afshari, E. Zafari

Abstract: Analysis of transverse vibration of beams is presented in this paper. Unfortunately, complexities which appear in solving differential...

Authors: Windarta, M. Bin Sudin

Abstract: The interaction between wheel-rail produced defects on each other. Many studies of wear were done using pin-on-disc tribometer on...

Authors: Ojo Kurdi, R.A. Rahman, Mohd Nasir Tamin

Abstract: Recently the truck industry has experienced a large push to overcome the increasing demands of higher performance, lower weight, and longer...

Authors: Li Ping Yang

Abstract: In case of fault tree analysis of large complex system, the probability of bottom event in dynamic fault tree is uncertain in some cases. To...

Authors: Hui Juan Zhai, Huan Huan Qiao, Guan Qing Wang

Abstract: Inner Mongolia region is vast, and developable wind resource accounts for 50%. However, wind power grid has become the local wind...

Authors: Gwangmin Park, Seonghun Lee, Sung Ho Jin, Sangshin Kwak

Abstract: This paper provides presents the dynamic analysis and computer simulation results of electric vehicle (EV) powertrain performance systems....

Authors: Ian Yulianti, Abu Sahmah M. Supa’at, Sevia M. Idrus, Ojo Kurdi, M. Ridwanto S. Anwar

Abstract: This paper presents the stress analysis in optical fiber due to swelling of hydrogel material coated on it. The silica optical fiber was...

Authors: Watchara Thitayanuwat, Bunlung Neammanee

Abstract: This paper presents a design of wide input voltage range 2 kW flyback resonant converter for the wind turbine system. The propose converter...


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