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Authors: Velidi Gurunadh, Ugur Guven
Chapter 13: Nontraditional Manufacturing
Abstract:Especially in the 21st century, the space has become the actual final frontier for mankind. The possibilities are endless, as...
Authors: R. Mehdipour, C. Aghanajafi, A. Ashrafizadeh, Z. Baniamerian
Chapter 13: Nontraditional Manufacturing
Abstract:Providing a suitable thermal condition for the paint to be cured is of important parameters in achieving a desired cure. Continuous radiation...
Authors: Hyeonmin Jo, Chaesil Kim, Sooyong Cho
Chapter 13: Nontraditional Manufacturing
Abstract:Studies on bearing properties have been carried out to develop a rotor system with improved high-speed stability and high efficiency....
Authors: Xiang Meng Zhang, Ben Li Wang, Xian Ren Kong, A Yang Xiao
Chapter 13: Nontraditional Manufacturing
Abstract:In this paper, He’s homotopy perturbation method (HPM) is applied to solve harmonically forced Duffing systems. Non-resonance of an undamped...
Authors: Wei Xiong, He Hua Ju, Hong Yun Liu
Chapter 13: Nontraditional Manufacturing
Abstract:Transparency and stability are two key issues in bilateral teleoperation. In this paper, We propose a novel control framework for bilateral...
Authors: Morteza Mirzaei Amirabad, Alireza Mirzaei Amirabad, Jafar Khodagholizadeh, Ali Akbar Naeimi
Chapter 13: Nontraditional Manufacturing
Abstract:In this paper, we discus about production Hydrogen for industrial and laboratories. We will discuss about methods of production Hydrogen and...
Authors: P. Buaphad, P. Thamboon, C. Tengsirivattana, J. Saisut, K. Kusoljariyakul, M.W. Rhodes, C. Thongbai
Chapter 13: Nontraditional Manufacturing
Abstract:This work reports an application of reflective terahertz (THz) imaging for identification of water distribution in the proton exchange...
Authors: Liu Xue Zhang, Xiu Lian Wang
Chapter 13: Nontraditional Manufacturing
Abstract:Fine particles of photoactive anatase-type TiO2, prepared by hydrolysis of tetrabutyl orthotitanate and crystallized under microwave (MV)...
Authors: Yu Wang, Zhen Luo
Chapter 14: Modeling, Analysis, and Simulation of Manufacturing Processes
Abstract:This paper presents a level set-based structural shape and topology optimization for the design of compliant mechanisms. The design boundary...
Authors: Nemat Changizi, Mahbubeh Moghadas, Mohamad Reza Dastranj, Mohsen Farshad
Chapter 14: Modeling, Analysis, and Simulation of Manufacturing Processes
Abstract:In this paper, an intelligent speed controller for DC motor is designed by combination of the fuzzy logic and genetic algorithms. First, the...
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