Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, ICMAE2011

Volumes 110-116

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Norazman Mohamad Nor, S.T. Agusril, Mohamed Yusof Alias, A.M.A. Zaidi, Abdullah Shohaimi

Abstract: Foldable structures are very important for the purpose of rapid construction and bridging system. Such structural element can be utilized in...

Authors: A.B. Abdullah, S.M. Sapuan, Z. Samad, H.M.T. Khaleed, N.A. Aziz

Abstract: Accuracy of the net-shape manufacturing such as forging becomes critical as the process depends on many factors. Defect will harm the...

Authors: Xin Ye, Quan Yuan, Hua Cong, Shuo Wang

Abstract: This paper constructs the bioprosthetic valve leaflets’ parametric model via computer aided design, a series of accurate parameters of the...

Authors: Rana Noman Mubarak, Jen Yuan Chang

Abstract: Effects on structure designs on free vibrations of integrated bladed rotor (IBR) have been conducted in this research through finite element...

Authors: Chun Guang Wang, Hong Chao Liu, De Min Yang, Cong Chen

Abstract: To speed the domestic research on double pulse motor,and specify the research direction,analyzed the pulse separation device (PSD) of...

Authors: Amin Etminan, H. Jafarizadeh, M. Moosavi, K. Akramian

Abstract: Nowadays, many researchers works in fluid dynamics has been concentrated on determine the suitable turbulent model for better describing the...

Authors: Amin Etminan, H. Jafarizadeh, M. Moosavi, K. Akramian

Abstract: In the part 1 of this research, some useful turbulence models presented. In that part advantages of those turbulence models has been...

Authors: Mahzad Chitsaz, Ehsan A. Tahmasebi, Hasan Karimi M.

Abstract: The purpose of this paper is developing a method for simulation of a cryogenic staged combustion-closed cycle engine. Since, aerospace...

Authors: Ravindra R. Navthar, N.V. Halegowda

Abstract: Journal bearings are widely applied in different rotating machineries. These bearings allow for transmission of large loads at mean speed of...

Authors: H.E. Radhi, S.M. Barrans

Abstract: The objective of this paper was to perform a comparative study among multiobjective optimization methods on practical problem by using...


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